Florida Teens Laugh As They Film Disabled Man Drowning

Florida Teens Laugh As They Film Disabled Man Drowning
Florida Teens Laugh As They Film Disabled Man Drowning

In Florida, a group of teenagers filmed themselves taunting a man who was drowning. The man was disabled and he did drown in the end.

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    1. Before we start taking a stab at the teens, that water could have been infested with alligators, and I am frankly surprised that he died drowning instead of being eaten alive by gators!

      This is Karma in action getting this fucker, probably he did just the same when he was young and healthy to someone else! Karma never forgets.

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  1. I’m not surprised… that’s the American culture; they laugh at helpless people and enjoy their suffering… just watch Americans when they see a fight, they enjoy seeing people beaten to death without even interfering to stop the fight or to help a drowning kid..

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  2. Mentality disabled teens laugh as man drowns. The video was a cliff hanger. We never found out if dude ever hit duh blunt, or were duh lighter at, for that matter.

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