Girl Keeps Streaming Live After Killing Sister in Car Crash North of Los Banos

Girl Keeps Streaming Live After Killing Sister in Car Crash North of Los Banos
Girl Keeps Streaming Live After Killing Sister in Car Crash North of Los Banos

A pair of vaginas was driving a vehicle and streaming their adventure live on the internet. Predictable happened, car is not a frying pan, bitches crashed, and one died with her head split open, Meanwhile her sister continued to stream the death of her sibglinged vagina.

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      1. Yeah, I concur… This video is adorably fugazi, so I have nothing…. W. Jewski your mother in law u say? How old is she exactly? I don’t want to rob the cradle. ?

    1. How will Ro know? He/she will be slamming a vaseline sodden ribbed Dildo into his/her chocolate box right now watching White Girl in Botswana porn that BD sent rapid Fed Ex delivery.
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      1. Chocolate box? Try chamber of horrors. That’s the fanny who threatened to hire a hitman to put a blade in me. Over a comment I made about the Rostov ripper which had fuckall to do with her anyway. Then the tool instigated her lapdogs against me. She contributed to a situation where everything is judged unfairly now and I’m being insulted by any lowlife day and night. As for meeting. She’ll wish she was Mrs Mussolini. She’s going to get leathered from here to her hideout in Mumbai.

          1. Gran fill in some blanks, why the hell is jonsi worried about being murdered? This is the internet/fun and games. Cia oh nooooo they really care about this crap?

          2. Idk W. J….. Jonsi bear, it’s all just good ol’ American fun… I luv that Rosy-posy, but he has no control over “who” fuks with “who”. Everyone gets their fair of abuse! That’s why you came here… For the abuse, and Smurfs sweet lil’ blue ass!

        1. @Average Jons-IQ – Have your post a point, is it a internal joke only Americans grasp or is it your psychosis manifesting itself literally? And if it’s not the later, then it looks like the little Jonsi-poodle have learned how to jump through loops here on the site where souls depart in pain and suffering.

    2. This was not a fake, this reached the news in the UK, the three were high as kites, hence how she reckons her sister is dying when her sister has clearly departed already (through the open hole in her head). She was extremely remorseful after a day or two when she had slept the shit off and is awaiting trial.

    1. Cultura? I Call it Dummy Mind. Itz been here longer than my own..M..can; remember, your Getting news live, most just aftermath while were here. That is ALL. The comment sections are like those kids that were standing around laughing while one was drowning. Play your part. These are the very same that fuk with the commute. Driving is no sleeping matter.

    2. Average Jons-IQ – The social media culture has also delivered pretentious PC fucks living in denial of their inner scavenging vulture. So fly away little bald and smelly one, fly…

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            I’m certain better definitions and explanations are out there using your search engine,
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        1. ….. 50 years old u say? Woodjew tell her 20 more years and her dreams come true?…. See what I did there?…. Would you? …. Woodjew?…. 86.

  1. Nice more food for the wolf’s out ther,women should not be behind the wheel this would never happen ,that should be a death sentence for them to crash

  2. Calling it live streaming is starting to become ironic. I never had Myspace, or facebook. Miscopy is the closest thing to facebook that I have been on, and it’s more like peeled facebook. This bitch said that she loves her sister to death, and she was correct. Get off of facebook, pick up a book, and beat yourself in the head with it.

    1. I’m with Smurf … no social media accounts other than Miscopy and BestGore … which, by the way … is saying it is NOT a fugazi. Oh well … I’m wrong most of the time, anyway.

  3. Ro is outside BD’s bedroom window dressed head to toe in Blick (South African) with a 12″ blade and a Ronald Mcdonald mask on waiting for dawn to break and for BD to untangle the fro with a thermic lance…

          1. Thin he wants me to fist u Smurf… This guys fukn sick!… Blue guts and Smurfs berries all over my hand!?… Awesome video for Miscopy, but our hearts would be broken for the loss of his golden comments. I’ll NOT do it. Not for the Jews, not for anyone… Mein freund! Heil Smurfler!

          2. WD, I actually was reading your comment wrong. I have been sippin on gin and juice, and I tend to mess my comments up when I do that. To answer your question regarding people talking shit to Rosie; first off it’s just good fun. Secondly, she is the “judge”, so she talks more shit to people than anyone else on here. She is bound to create a few “enemies”.

    1. Wow did you manage to come up with, and type, that all by yourself @Mr death…. Give yourself a bow sir, it must’ve been so hard to read the link I posted and copy and paste the little 14 year old monkeys name… You, my man, are a fucking genius!!! *Clap, clap, clap*

  4. so many comments fucking hell i had to scroll way down to reply ! so is this bull or not cant make my mind up wether that chicks just a fucking moron or its just a wind up to get ppl like me bemused lol

  5. It looks fake cuz it says its “live”…its not…you can clearly see that is the story feature of instagram, which means that cut and all was after the fact. so yeah its very real but it looks fake cuz of the cut and all.

  6. update: this s5upid bitch has pled “NOT GUILTY”! she looking 4 felony charges, manslaughter & d.u.i as well. just thought i would post an update.

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