Customer Takes On Armed Robber in Fresno Starbucks

Customer Takes On Armed Robber in Fresno Starbucks
Customer Takes On Armed Robber in Fresno Starbucks

CCTV video from a Starbucks in Fresno shows a customer taking on an armed robber wearing a transformers mask. Both Cregg Jerri, 58 (good guy) and Ryan Florez, 30 (robber) got stabbed.

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      1. Yes Meteor! I see where your coming from. My line of thought was if he’d been in his prime he’d probably have knocked him clean off his feet!
        Either way I take my hat of to him.
        If my family member was working there I would find him and buy him pint!
        Make that plural…

          1. This bot is named Junkie – he is a hybrid that runs strictly on meth and walmart soda Mountain Lightning. He gives Autobots a bad name and is never seen because he is busy getting his fix or robbing houses/businesses. He goes 100mph for 3 days straight and ultimately crashes. They transport him to the junk yard to be salvaged, but no matter what junk yard he goes to or kind of retro fits are placed, he reverts back to the only way of life he knows, being a junkie.

  1. A customer robbing Starbucks? It’s usually the other way around. For that guy to risk his life for Starbucks, he must have had had stock in the company. He was probably the chairman.

    1. True- Overpriced. I usually buy Starbucks whole bean coffee and use this at home though. I have had a lot of whole bean coffees. Its overall the best! Once again their stores overpriced though!

  2. Guy in the blue is clearly trying to enter the thief and it looks like he succeeded, notice the momentary pauses as our anal hero emptied his bag where for those few seconds there can be no interference from any outside sources, like an Impala freezes when it picks up the faint noise of a leopard, nothing can disturb it at that moment in time.
    However, although the thief seemed to initially struggle as blue shirt boy was spreading his muck on his ass, he did ‘appear’ to eventually accept his fate by keeping extremely motionless himself, perhaps relishing the similarity of the contents of a Bill posters bucket travelling up his Dirtbox and the warm breath of blueshirtboy into his ear.
    If you ask me it wouldn’t surprise me if the 2 of them then proceeded to enjoy a nice cigarette outside Starfucks while arranging another meet for a coffee…. or somert.

          1. Well… Chop, chop.. Go get yourself some… We need you to be 100% when we abuse you

  3. For all the shit Mexicans get, this is another clear example of how dedicated/committed they are at their jobs, the lady continued to wipe the tables even after autobot came in with a gun and pulling out a knife, she deserves a 15 cent raise, imho!

  4. That Starbucks is disturbingly familiar, possibly stopped there amidst my unicycle escapades while in the midst of my merry traversing towards splitting a pretty pinkuss with my bigguss. Hopefully this autobot is not after my fro as my weed production will falter if so

  5. fesno…that’s where i played my college footbal. i see fresno and califorina is turning into. an even bigger shit hole. i’ll never live there again. born and raised in cali. and nevere want to go back!!!

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