Man Gets His Balls Cut Off by Buddy with Knife

Man Gets His Balls Cut Off by Buddy with Knife
Man Gets His Balls Cut Off by Buddy with Knife

A guy had his buddy crudely castrate him by cutting off his balls with a knife and a box cutter of sorts.

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    1. FO-Yea my grammer is fuckd just like ur girls blow jobs she aint even now how to suck my dick good i feel like knocking out her teeth so she can gum me instead

    1. “…….Because he would like a proper Camel Toe and not one of those Scrotum Vaginas.” – Mystery

      ^The best explanation given so far, imagine this guy dancing at the strip club, lol.. camel toe…

  1. The cutter would have struggled to get his huge hand around Biggus Dickus’ negro meat to carry this act out, that’s why we will never ever see BD in a pair of knickers presenting a beautiful camel toe, it will just never happen, no man has a big enough hand span capable of the grip to carry this out…

  2. Lol well I got to see the video anyways. On bg he took it down :(.
    Off though no Frank n beans anymore… Why???? They looked really young and wtfh is wrong with the person cutting….??

  3. I love you so much! If you really love me to, you will let me cut your balls off. OK I will. Here we go- completed. I don’t have balls but I still have you. No you don’t have me- I LIED! My children when you can get them to fall in love with you they will do any thing!

  4. ATTENTION ATTENTION- The judging is over! I must say the posts were weak for such good material! But we do have a winner ( bet you thought I was going to say a Weiner ) I give you Smurf- With his 7 of a beheading he would not want to see, and testes testes one two! Congratulations Smurf!!

  5. Anybody knows where this video can be seeing in full? Starting from the penectomy? His severed penis lies between his legs, btw. I am pretty sure the author has it in a paid site or something or he wouldn’t request to be removed from BG. I would gladly pay to see it full if there’s no other way.

    1. Good eyes, I never noticed that so after your comment I watched it again. There it is, one penis laying on the bed. Thanks…makes a little more sense now. Between that and the tattoo it looks like a guy just didn’t want to be a guy anymore and can’t, for whatever reason get surgery.

  6. normally i would fucking squirm at the sight of them balls getting chopped with a ceramic kitchen knife but i didnt lol .. maybe its cuz i saw that his dick was gone too and its a tranny that probably cant afford the shit load of money they charge you for the surgery needed lol

  7. Lol, alright, but if/when infection sets in, how the hell do you explain that to your doctor?
    “Oh hey Doc.. I have a situation, I had my friend cut my nads off, and there is puss. Is there some antibiotics you can give me?”

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