Aftermath of Fatal Boiler Explosion in Brazil

Aftermath of Fatal Boiler Explosion in Brazil
Aftermath of Fatal Boiler Explosion in Brazil

A major explosion was heard in several of the city’s neighborhoods around 1 pm Monday in Bacabal. A boiler from a tire vulcanizer “Union Vulcanizer” exploded destroying virtually every building, killing two employees.

The Union Vulcanizer works on the BR-316 highway, KM-361, in the Bacabal Industrial District, behind the Ração factory.

The two officials had their bodies shattered due to the violence of the explosion married a great scare to the residents and people who passed near the place.

According to information passed to the blog, the chair had already presented a problem last Friday (28).

One of the bodies was identified as Damião Everton de Oliveira, a resident of the residential Terra do Sol III, who works on tire resurfacing. The other just as ‘junior’.

The fire began around 14:30 hours in the Vulcanizadora União, located at BR 316, near Supermarket Carvalho. According to popular information, the fire began with the accident of a vulcanization machine. She would have turned sideways and there was a short circuit.

In 2012 a fire caused by a big explosion in the building of the Vulcanizadora União that works in BR 316, next to the Commercial Carvalho, only have mairoes proportions because of the help of popular and a car of clean pit that helped to put out the fire that presented Danger to other neighboring buildings. At the time there was no Fire Department in Bacabal, and the fact that the fire was extinguished with feces, was news on a national network.

We were not informing if the vulcanizer where the explosion occurred today, is owned by the same owner of the one that works near Carvalho, also in BR 316.

The case of the Monday afternoon explosion will be investigated by the Judiciary Police and Fire Brigade, since according to reports from the Fire Department, they did not know of the existence of the factory in the place.

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