Bear Attacks Man in Temple in Thailand

Bear Attacks Man in Temple in Thailand
Bear Attacks Man in Temple in Thailand

According to preliminary information, a 36-year-old local resident teased the predator with food.

Everything happened with the province of Phetchaboon on Wednesday, August 2. A man named Nayfum Promatreae went with friends to look at the wild animals that the monks are holding in the local temple. Priests allow visitors to feed animals.

Nayfum lowered a bowl of rice on a rope in an aviary to a bear, but the predator rose to his hind legs and dragged the man to him. The beast began to literally tear the person alive.

One of the comrades of the victim was able to distract the bear, after which Nayfuma managed to get out of his paws. The man is in the hospital with a lot of serious injuries.

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