Man Assassinated by Being Shot and Hacked

Man Assassinated by Being Shot and Hacked
Man Assassinated by Being Shot and Hacked

CCTV video from an undisclosed location in Brazil shows the assassination of a young man by shooting and hacking him with a machete.

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    1. ATTENTION- voting starts now!

      Then for dessert a nice load of verbal abuse from the one and only Rosar.
      Everything a judge should be.

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          1. My understanding was I wasn’t making a judgement but, I was making a statement.

            What is my score your honor…?

          1. Twiz- Your comment did not pertain to the evidence presented, so there is no score! You may be seated!

          1. Rosar, stop being so mean to Pascal. He already has at least three personalities. We wouldn’t want him to snap!

  1. A heavy price to pay for sitting in someone’s seat while Loitering! ….. I think it would’ve been much easier just give up the chair. But! It’s just as well, Esteban the Homeless & Jobless SPICK was an Eyesore in society. ….. SOOOOO, Just like in the movie PET SEMETERY. ….. ” SOMETIME’S DEAD IS BETTER “

  2. That was a GREAT movie. The second part … no bueno. As far as our South of the Border friends there … I don’t know which one was shot, Kev (I’ve missed you) … Esteban the Homeless or Jobless Spick … but did you see the way his toes curled in the end? It was like he was in the throes of having his “Juan hole” tickled with a spicy pene (and we’re not talkin’ pasta). I’d’ve liked to have been in him at that point.

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  4. Take a long look in the mirror my fellow Miscopyens, what you see is yourselves without man made laws, so called “Civilised laws” we call ourselves “Human” we are all Fucking animals and will revert back to the pack mentality without our “Masters” Thou shalt not, we have this imprinted in our DNA ourselves whether we like it or not, God, don`t make me laugh ! Im S/F seen the worst of what one “Human” can do to another….. thank you Mark for as you say, an awakening world Website, I find it refreshing to see the truth.

          1. No offence meant Smurf, from now on will watch, it was just a saying we used in the post op bar debrief after ops, “job well done” will watch from sidelines now, farewell my Friends.

          2. It’s all good Mr. E. We just mess around. As long as your not talking about large black penises, keep the comments coming. We need variety here.

  5. This is just the trailer for the re make of the 1986 movie Rad. It was filmed on location in Brazil. Cru’s friend Juan, is attacked by thugs who don’t want him to win the BMX competition. Juan ends up on life support, but his family can’t afford the surgery that could save his life. Cru decides to enter the competition himself, in order to pay for Juan’s surgery, and to get revenge on Juan’s attackers. I know, it’s going to be a nail biter. However, be prepared to read subtitles, because it’s in Portuguese.

    1. Obrigado pela informação, Smurf. O que faríamos sem você? Pessoalmente … muito menos masturbando … então estou feliz por você estar por perto. Você sabe que te amo !

  6. ATTENTION ATTENTION! – Friends, family, enemies, enemas and racoon’s of all sizes a winner has been conceived! With his second win it the last 4 days- I give unto the World- Koke aka joke brothers! A Strong 7 1/2 showing saying- This was Rosar judging on her smart phone and attacked by smurf and Gran and shoving a stick in her ass! Congratulations koke!

  7. If you see 2 helmet men approaching you in Brazil but prefer to continue enjoying your McD double burger, good news for you. You won a free pass to become the ham in your burger

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