Gagged Man Beheaded by PCC Inside Shoddy Bathroom

Gagged Man Beheaded by PCC Inside Shoddy Bathroom
Gagged Man Beheaded by PCC Inside Shoddy Bathroom

Video from Brazil shows a gagged, tied to a chair man being beheaded by PCC inside a shoddy, dirty looking bathroom.

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    1. Out of all the Beheading Video’s that i have seen in my 9+ Years on Best-Gore, this has got to be the best, and the highest Arterial Squirts, that i have Ever seen, for a body sitting up like this. There was nothing wrong with his Pump, that’s for damn sure. They should carry a small cooler filled with ice, so they can make tons of cash selling young, and healthy organs. Like this guys heart for example.

      1. That was perhaps the creepiest beheading I’ve seen. But your simple, one-word response, Granny, gave me a hearty belly laugh and I thank you for that.
        ?(fist bump)

        1. @Ben Shaw …German Hostage Jurgen Kantner Beheaded by Abu Sayyaf in Philippines was pretty creepy as well. Not sure if Miscopy has it but BG does. You can see him looking as the cucks hold his head.

          1. This old white bearded Man was indeed looking around, and he also attempted to talk 3 times after his quick beheading. But all that came out was a hollow sounding, high pitched gibberish, but it was creepy, as fuck to hear. Because his vocal cords were severed, the guy holding his head, and the Armed guy standing behind him to his left, both stopped in their tracks and both had the look of terror, and W.T.F. on their faces. Can’t say that i blame those guys either @monicaluvdweeds,,, cause you don’t see, (or hear, i should say),lol, shit like this everyday, as i myself have Never, Ever seen anything like it in my 9+ years of watching hundreds of beheading video’s on Best-Gore.
            But do you know what really sucks Girl??? It is that This Awesome Video is no longer available on Best-Gore, stating that it has a copy write infringement of some sorts,,,, like WTF Eh??? 🙁

    1. No, its more like the Bellagio fountain without the music, which is probably a good thing, fucking brazilian monkey music is a bunch of chimps banging sticks and rocks

    1. Yes thankful i live here that makes my problems seem small. We joke and all but thank god we are alive and hopefully well!my dad died from dimentia and i know we talk shit here but but im glad i know who i am every day!

    2. @RainmanJonsi Mexico used to be, and was,,, “In My Books” the absolute #1 Creepshow until they arrested El Chapo Guzman. And since then, everything has seemed to calm down quite a bit, because of the amount of HEAT that they were creating, and bringing on themselves, by killing, and dismembering dozens at a time, and on a weekly basis. I guess that dumping bodies on major highways near popular Tourist resorts did not help their cause either, lol. I think that they are now putting more emphasis on Making Money, & Dealing Drugs, instead of being a bunch of Heatbags.

          1. Yeah Stephen. I wouldn’t stand for that. You should cut off his hoofs, and make jello out of them.

  1. It seems there are 2 types of enemy in cartel world. Those who they consider to be honorable, they’ll let them have last words then end their lives quickly. And, those who they despise, usually torturers, they’ll torture them while killing them as slow as possible without giving any last words.
    Both will have the same brutal end though.

  2. Instead of having that dirty, sweaty rag shoved in his mouth, he should of Looked-Up Valley Girls
    on the Internet. This way he could of Acted Gay and told them to “Gag Me With A Spoon” Instead!

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