Aftermath of Fatal Train Accident Featuring Asscrack

Aftermath of Fatal Train Accident Featuring Asscrack
Aftermath of Fatal Train Accident Featuring Asscrack

Video from undisclosed location shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident, in which a person was run over by the machine. There’s some ass crack featured in the video.

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          1. Why, thank you, GranMasterFister!!
            M.M. sure is a gem, a true treasure, really, to share and enjoy with friends and family like little cousin Susie, old man McHenry two doors down or Great Aunt Sophie who makes those special salmon patties whenever you stop by to pay a visit. Susie looks confused … McHenry boots me out with a scowl on his face … while Aunt Sophie prepares me salmon patties just to stall time enough for the cops to arrive.

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  1. Fatal Train Accident. Is a Indian hip-hop group known as FTA. On there latest album they are going to be using the rapper Asscrack. Thus the title- Fatal Train Accident- Featuring AssCrack!

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  2. Gran: Hey Fitz, wtf is this shit ?
    Fitz: Different parts of your father.
    Gran: Oh… I must inform my mom then.
    Fitz: She’s dead too, just a few meters ahead the same rail.
    Gran: …

  3. Honestly, I am beginning to think that MTV is producing these Indian train videos. We might as well call it the Rail world, because it is becoming just as monotonous and un watchable as the Real World. There are as many Indian train videos as there are cute cat videos. Awe, Captain fluffy buttons loves yarn! Who gives a fuck about Captain Fluffy buttons?! Not me. And I’m beginning to feel the same way about these Indian train videos.

  4. This inspired me to come up with a new fragrance for men…. I’ll call it.. IMPACTD COLON…. I mean… Cologne…. Rosar should luv it!… Seein that Stephen’s always impacting his cologne!… Ha!

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  6. Gentleman!… We have an obligation!… We are here to make light of the dark!… We are here to view life’s woes and tragedies and Laugh and possibly make each other laugh…. So thank you again… Fine ladies and gentlemen… Who the fuk am I kidding! We’re all sick fuks!… 86

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