Reversing Truck Runs Over Woman Back and Forth

Reversing Truck Runs Over Woman Back and Forth
Reversing Truck Runs Over Woman Back and Forth

CCTV video from undisclosed location shows a box truck reversing over a woman, then going over her again for good measure.

65 thoughts on “Reversing Truck Runs Over Woman Back and Forth”

    1. Yea, @XXXtopher that is one way indeed. Hey, maybe he was reversing on a one way street, and that is why the old bag lady, never even looked back. Or maybe it’s time for her to change her hearing aid batteries.

  1. Fuck me side ways!

    I can’t describe my utter fucking disbelief at what a fucking dumb cunt that driver is.
    For me he’s 10/10 for decomposing goldfish brain driving.


        1. It feels good to be naughty. As far as my Mom goes … feel free to tell her. The only thing is you’ll have to tell her over and over again … she has Alzheimer’s-type dementia. :/

  2. I think it was 50/50 here… the dumb bitch was in la la land walking in the middle of the freakin’ road. Can you imagine how she drove… any one ever teach the bitch to look both ways then get the fuck out the way?

  3. My husband is a truck driver and would never blindly just reverse like this and he drives on his own. The fact this idiot had a second man and still managed to do this blows my mind
    What a tosser

  4. Wat `n mongool man, als je iets raakt voel je dat toch?
    Vervolgens rijdt ie over haar heen, en ipv te kijken, rijdt ie
    er nog een keer overheen. Dit is gewoon opzet in mijn ogen.

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