Cops Stand Down as Antifa Beats Up White Man at Berkeley

Cops Stand Down as Antifa Beats Up White Man at Berkeley
Cops Stand Down as Antifa Beats Up White Man at Berkeley

At Berkeley in California, a large pack of Soros funded, niggers loving AntiFa fags attacked a beat up a white man as cops shoot by and watched, having been ordered to stand down and let the gang of Trump’s BFF assault random people.

40 thoughts on “Cops Stand Down as Antifa Beats Up White Man at Berkeley”

  1. This is like common in the US.
    USA is as mind fucked as Brazil,Mexico,Venezuela,Africa.

    Simply, murders and mass riots are rarely recorded/leaked because citizens don’t want to be caught.

    1. What are you talking about?! You can’t take a shit without being recorded in America.
      And don’t compare the U.S. to any other shit country, or any country for that matter.
      No matter how bad it gets in the U.S., the U.S. still rules the roost, period.

          1. Ben,
            I am not disappointed with your response at all! You have just proved and enforced my suspensions about your low self qualities and descending self esteem.

            Your response has no value to me and will not be welcomed!

          1. Why would I give a shit about making some dude horny, you dumb motherfucker, or anyone for that matter?! Anyone know who this dumbass illiterate is?! MLF … Get the fuck out of here, you hypocritical, immigrant reject!!

        1. US is the biggest and richest third world country in the whole world! Agree!
          We have the biggest and the vastest third world country concentration of immigrant rejects!

      1. Sorry Joe, I just don’t agree!… I really, really don’t like Brunies!… I believe they should serve the Blondie.. I mean.. That’s pretty much what the Fuhrer was preaching!…. 86?

  2. LOL … Well, that means that you’re a typical leftist idiot and we (Mr. Zobrist, Mr. Shaw, and I) all take back what we said, because that’s what we all meant, puto. You truly do have autism, boy. Check-in with your primary, fool.

    1. Yeah, I speak for Mr. Zobrist as well. You’re a liberal tripe, DICKus. You don’t agree because you’re wrong. It’s as simple as that. And hopefully, this country will be saved before it’s destroyed by the likes of you and your ilk. Because you and yours are willing to destroy this beautiful country—
      just … for … votes. Fact. What a travesty.

      1. Uncle Ben shaw, quit being a Young GIrl in Nigeria… you arent responding to Biggus appropriately. Female sexual freedom and BBC anal gapes did not destroy your country, but rather improved it beyond repair

  3. (((They))) are cooking up a little race war for you guys to usher in the final showdown between the christian crusaders and islam. Then (((they))) will rule the world from their supreme court (sanhedrin) in Jerusalem. The arabs will take over your banks and economy as riots ravish your cities for the best part of a year. You all will be forced to convert to islam or die.

      1. You smoking your own ass crack is impressive, too bad traveling circus afro monkey niggers has been banned long ago or you would actually have a job once in your life… and kill all niggers

  4. I don’t like your opinion, so im gonna call my gang of braindead retards to assault you and say that you tried to rape me and revived litterally hitler

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