Fiery Crash in Cache County, Utah That Lead to Cops Assaulting Nurse

Fiery Crash in Cache County, Utah That Lead to Cops Assaulting Nurse
Fiery Crash in Cache County, Utah That Lead to Cops Assaulting Nurse

During a police chase in Cache County, Utah, 26 year old Marcos Torres of Brigham City swerved into oncoming lane and crashed head on with a semi truck, causing a fire explosion that lead to the truck driver being taken to a hospital where a cop assaulted a nurse because she followed the law, instead of stroking his ego.

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  3. local station here carried the story of nurse assault. cop wanted her to take blood right away hoping it would have drugs so county/state could avoid massive lawsuit

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  5. And the police went after the innocent truck driver, trying to find a reason to blame him, to cover up the fact that he chased this guy into committing suicide. Probably fear of a lawsuit from the relatives of the douchebag on the run.

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