Assassination of Indian Journalist and Activist Gauri Lankesh in Bangalore

Assassination of Indian Journalist and Activist Gauri Lankesh in Bangalore
Assassination of Indian Journalist and Activist Gauri Lankesh in Bangalore

Gauri Lankesh, a senior journalist and a critic of the right wing, was shot dead in Bangalore on Tuesday evening. The 55-year-old Gauri was operating ‘Lankesh Magazine’ which started by his father P. Lankesh. Through this magazine, he encouraged the ‘Communal Harmony Forum’.

Author Manglesh Dabral, author of Gauri Lankesh, told the BBC, “His assassination is due to ideology, he was on the target of right-wing forces for the past two years, and finally he succeeded in killing him.” He says, “Like his father P. Lankesh, he was also a fearless journalist. In his Kannada journalism and literary journalism, his” Lankesh Magazine “had a major role.”

Manglesh explains that for the last two years, many threats were being given to him. He says, “Gauri repeatedly wrote that I am a secular country and I am against any kind of religious fanaticism.” He says that Karnataka is going to be held very early, due to which the right wing powers and fascist extremist powers have become very active there.

“People of Sangh Parivar want to grab power in any way. It is a way of intimidating people and creating their own terror and trying to silence people.” Manglesh explains that ‘Lankesh Magazine’ was very popular and it had an impact on the society. In order to erase that effect, those forces had to erase Gauri Lankesh. He says, “Before that Kumburgi was murdered.”

The murder of Narendra Dabholkar and Govind Pansare ji is known to be the same as the way of killing them. The name of many organizations came out but no action was taken.

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