ISIS Rifleman Shoots Captive Tied to Tree Between Eyes

ISIS Rifleman Shoots Captive Tied to Tree Between Eyes
ISIS Rifleman Shoots Captive Tied to Tree Between Eyes

Short video of an execution carried out by an ISIS rifleman shows his shooting a captive tied to a tree between the eyes at close range.

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    1. Me too!

      It’s just beyond belief what’s happening on this fucked up planet of ours.

      I wonder if shit like this happens on another planet somewhere millions of lights years away

      1. Are you kidding? Horrific shit beyond your imagination … literally. An entire people destroyed -fuck that, an entire city destroyed – fuck that, an entire planet destroyed – fuck that, an entire solar system destroyed – fuck that, an entire Galaxy destroyed – fuck that, an entire universe destroyed- fuck that, an entire dimension destroyed – fuck that!! All of that HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE THROUGHOUT TIME AND IS DONE AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE DONE by at least one entity towards at least one other entity or perhaps just done towards nature in general.
        We are a civilized world, a VERY civilized world compared to what’s out there, without a doubt.

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  1. The WWI rifle was a old as the asshole using it. And the Holly(Jew)wood Matrix special effect made the sandnigger smile as a happy camper. Allahu fucking Akbar and Shalom.

  2. Getting shot in the head at close range, has got to be the best way to die, as there is no pain censors in your brain. This is why many brain surgeries are done while you are completely awake. Especially Epilepsy related surgeries, and such. As long as they are using a large enough caliber, and the shot is well placed, it is an instant lights-out for you.
    It still quite amazing to see how your whole face expands instantly, when the brute force, and speed of a bullet makes contact with your melon.

  3. Look carefully at the guys ear to the left of screen and you will see chunks fly out followed by cleat fluid (brain fluid i presume). Very nice i love these slow motion executions , just on a physics bases its extremely fascinating to watch and actually see the real affects of such a blast.

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