Bird Struggles to Hold On as Hurricane Irma Approaches in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Bird Struggles to Hold On as Hurricane Irma Approaches in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Bird Struggles to Hold On as Hurricane Irma Approaches in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Video from Fort Lauderdale in Florida shows a bird struggling to do pretty much anything as Hurricane Irma approaches. Guy was able to get really close to the birdie.

87 thoughts on “Bird Struggles to Hold On as Hurricane Irma Approaches in Fort Lauderdale, Florida”

  1. i would have picked the bird up and kept it safe. uuntil the hurricain was gone. and i am sure some of you would or don’t give shit. about saving a bird or a life in general.

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          1. @ballsac – An empty wall of text about insects, yaaaaaawn… And nobody gives a shit about what you do or think.

        2. @Zobrist You sound like the Flaming Fagot to me man, as the only Bird you’d be able to pick-up is probably your own, or your Dad’s just like the good old days! you are either too fucking cold, or just too scared to pick-up a Real Bird.

    2. Well that depends on where im at and who is around. I would not run out into a catagory 5 storm to photograph a bird. Or some dumbass that just had to run out and see how hard the wind blows. Some poor kid yeah I’d go get and bring inside. Its all relative my family expects me ( as always) to behave in a rational responsible manner

    3. BLACKVIKING you are a good soul brother, as i would have done the exact same thing. Poor little guy’s or Girl’s wings are probably very sore, and tired, and is of need of some rest. 🙂

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  2. It would have been more interesting for here if the coon had took it’s head clean off with a meat cleaver and then set himself on fire after placing the decapitated creature into his ringpiece….

  3. Wtf?? Man in Berlin awarded €2 million Spondooleez in damages coz arrested for breaking wind twice in front of a female police assasin!!
    This calls for a Vindaloo and the Bus into Manchester…

  4. Pick it up, and bring him home until the storm passes dumb-ass. Many of these Birds have injured, or very sore, and tired wings from fighting this storm, for hours, on end. As to not freak-it out and keep it calm, remove your shower curtains in one of your Bathrooms, run him a cool, or very (slightly warm bath), with about 4 inches of water. Then add a floating foam, or plank of wood with a patch of grass earth attached on it, so it can either perch on the curtain rod, of float on the board, in order to rest, and let those wings recover. As for food, earth worms, crickets, seeds, (non salted, of course) will do just fine. If you happen to find a very young bird, then fry up an egg, with no butter, margarine, or salt, (100% plain) and it will devour it. After 2 to 5 days, you should notice, or hear it begin to fly more as the storm has passed, and it’s little wings have fully recovered. Then, open your window about 6 inches wide, or high, remove the screen, and he will leave when it is safe for it to do so. 🙂

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  5. I could not stand there and seen this poor bird being in trouble,would have taken to safety,feel for all the wildlife in such a horrific storm,feel for the people,hope every one is safe

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