Ladyboy With and Without Makeup

Ladyboy With and Without Makeup
Ladyboy With and Without Makeup

Simple make up can help this Thai individual look like a cute Asian chick. Without it, he’s just a freaky ladyboi.

54 thoughts on “Ladyboy With and Without Makeup”

  1. Taqqya at it’s finest : how muslim boys who are too coward to wage war, decide to offer their but-holes to spread aids syndrom.

    Make up will only work on asian muslim as the arabic ones are too ugly cause men/women have camel noses wich they fuck with their own fingers at any flue strike.

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          1. no dude , i talk about camel noses, u know , those long and flat noses who makes camels snort with loud sounds

      1. You might wanna cancel your trips to see the ladyboys in Thailand, No Name Maddox, because I’m pretty sure that is a woman. I think the caption is wrong. Most broads look like dudes without makeup, unless they’re top of the line beauties.

    1. this is why Asia needs more black cocks, the entire population of Africa could not begin to scratch the surface of what Asians need for large black penises blessing them and baptizing their foreheads with buckets of Michael Jordan juice, the effeminate short stature asian with small penises clearly need some negro cock genetic engineering enhancement

        1. Exactly BD. ….. If Bipolar Goran can’t have a COCK Sausage Sandwich or The Jeffery Dahmer Special the Heart Dick Stew, He’ll love to gargle on HUMAN PITTED BALLZ dipped in Semen Juice! …

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