Idiot in Skirt Tries to Decapitate Goat, Gets Rammed

Idiot in Skirt Tries to Decapitate Goat, Gets Rammed
Idiot in Skirt Tries to Decapitate Goat, Gets Rammed

Video from undisclosed location shows an idiot wearing a skirt try to decapitate a goat. Either because the machete was dull as fuck, or because the idiot was completely useless, the decapitation failed and the goat rammed the idiot.

70 thoughts on “Idiot in Skirt Tries to Decapitate Goat, Gets Rammed”

  1. Skirt guy: Ready….steady…”wham”
    Goat: You piece of shit!! You couldnt even connect a killer blow…you need to go to the capital of thailand and learn a lesson

    And the goat showed him Bang-kok

  2. An animal rammed an other animal in self defense and I hope the furry animal made it trough. But I don’t think so, since the dark animals are the lowest kind. Like amoeba’s on dry land.

    1. What kind of ceremony is this where an elder dresses up in his granddaughter’s, wait he is black so his great great granddaughter’s clothes for a public goat execution?

  3. Just wish that goat had two sharp horns and impaled that idiot’s balls, now that would be a video, not that i don’t appreciate this one, it was fun, just not gory enough

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