North Carolina Female Driver Darts Out of Vehicle Before Train Slams Into It

North Carolina Female Driver Darts Out of Vehicle Before Train Slams Into It
North Carolina Female Driver Darts Out of Vehicle Before Train Slams Into It

At Pendleton Road and Martin Luther King Drive in High Point, North Carolina, a female driver got trapped between the boom gates of a railway crossing and unable to figure out what to do with her feminine brain, she exited the vehicle and darted out, allowing the train to slam into it.

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    1. Instead of driving through the boom/gate thingy, dressed up baboon preferred to get the car smashed and possibly derail a train and causing an epic shit situation…but thank the lawd she eyeite

  1. High Point is about a thirty minute drive from where I live. It is known as the furniture capital of the world, but now that most furniture is made in China, it has become quite ghetto. Thanks NAFTA! Side note, if you can find the video of Clinton signing the NAFTA agreement, watch his face. You can tell that he knows he is doing something wrong.

    1. Clinton is part of the group of 50 circle jerk offs who control 90% of the world’s media, so nothing but great things has ever been said by the major disinformation news outlets. As long as they are happy, everyone else will live in a perpetual rat race, chimp in this case.

          1. I don’t like labels. People like to “know what you are”, so they can treat you a certain way. That’s all an illusion.

        1. Biggus Niggus, a monkey throwing poop again, so easy to throw labels by those uneducated and disillusioned and easily manipulated, I guess it makes you feel smart but you’re just a robot repeating what you have been programmed by the rulers…

          Smurf, we’d be dangerous if we knew each other in real life

    2. Its their business so the stupid workers don’t own it, the businessmen owns it so have a right to sell it. I learned this from listening to Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

    3. Smurf, Bill “Cohiba” Clinton did know very well what he was doing. It was a steep in dismantling the US industry on the road of you becoming a third world country. With a drugged up population with no future living on welfare.

          1. There aren’t any “isms” that can actually function in the manner that they are intended to, here in the US, due to the fact that the system is rigged.

          2. I find your befuddled attack on dear glorious leader to be rather confounded, could you perhaps elaborate using a different genre of comprehensible gangsta rap.

          3. You realize that even if George Bush himself came out and said that himself it still wouldn’t mean anything?

          4. @Smurf – All “isms” and other ways of government are just different social experiments in finding out which one is the best in managing the herd. The rulers/owners stay the same.

          1. Idk…. I was hoping maybe Goranasaurus… Maybe…. Joe D….. Ummmm….. MARK?…. Smurf, but things would seem biased,to others though! … Krazy Kev… Pascaldoola….

  2. God was trying to kill that dumb nikka. Who really stalls there shit on the tracks.?? Just zero brains and a booty and thighs so shes a ghetto breeder. This shit got me almost believing in god, see you guys right there god was trying to take a free loading breeder of future dread heads out..

  3. what the fuck?

    not a damn thing in front of her… the truck with the camera got onto the other track right in front of her!

    those gates break right off!

    she had plenty of time to gather up her EBT card and her crack pipe, choreboy, and bottle of grape ripple, stuff it all in in her purse then go!

    looks like an insurance scam to me, but she probably is driving without insurance anyway.

    main stream media headlines…

    ‘Racist train traps black woman on tracks and vandelizes car!’

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