CCTV of Gang Hacking and Clubbing Death Councillor Laxmidutta Pradhan in Chatrapur, India

CCTV of Gang Hacking and Clubbing Death Councillor Laxmidutta Pradhan in Chatrapur, India
CCTV of Gang Hacking and Clubbing Death Councillor Laxmidutta Pradhan in Chatrapur, India

Laxmidutta Pradhan aka Bachana, the Councillor for ward six in Chhatrapur, Ganjam district, Odisha state, India was hacked and clubbed to death by a gang of unidentified killers. Councillors’s brother was also reportedly critically injured in the attack.

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    1. Just so you guys know I would’ve Surely said something earlier had I of Known myself, especially someone else getting blamed for something I did. Like I said I’m at work so I don’t have time myself to figure any of this shit out, Ijust wanted to straightn it out as best I could.

    1. The Funny thing is this Post is about Hacking., But Everyone can Rest Assured I can’t even get from A to B on a Computer, basically I’m computer illiterate. Anyway I’m currently at work so if anyone finds out How it happened I’d love to know.

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