CCTV Cameras Capture Brawl and Shootout at Gas Station in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

CCTV Cameras Capture Brawl and Shootout at Gas Station in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
CCTV Cameras Capture Brawl and Shootout at Gas Station in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

CCTV video from a gas station in Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh, India shows a group of young man get into a brawl and shootout. Not much further info here.

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            Miscopy is one of the few places people can speak to others that think for themself and do so without censorship and pseudo-anonymously without getting rapidly blacklisted. There could be others out there I don’t know of.

            There’s usually least 3 basic ways of approaching a subjective topic, so I practice swimming in the urine saturated aquarium like any other captive fish.

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          1. If you were locked in a cage and had to listen to Prince or Jackson nonstop for 2 weeks.. I’m certain someone has been tortured in a similar fashion.

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    1. Skakarn, I’m going to guess that you are in your teens. What adult, calls someone a noob? I would think that you’d be happy that there haven’t been any new vids. More time for you to play first person shooters, killing digital Moslems.

      1. Smurf, Noob is a word though, at one point just about every word was probably considered to be a teen word and not in a dictionary. The fact that you are familiar with the word also shows that it is not a teen exclusive word.

          1. If genetic engineering of human intelligence became possible, what percentage of an enhanced human population would it take to make the language of the superior humans too advanced for the majority of non-enhanced humans? This has already happened without genetic engineering using other mechanisms. Chances are your children or whatever relatives you have will end up being viewed as farm animals to a linguistically and intellectually superior elite unless they can afford to keep up with biological enhancements.

          2. And here we go with a schizophrenic change of subject into the inner universe of DNA. But what about the stars and galaxies in outer space and the extraterrestrial planets with a abundant source of methane? And the imaginary Rockefeller ET who harvest the methane.

          3. the point was that natural gas perhaps has abiotic origin, etc.

            Genetic engineering has far more potential for impact because the limited resource on the planet is actually intelligence and not any other resource as the professional liars tell us

          4. Yes, it is both interesting and a subject for discussion. But the subject in this part of the tread was the word “noob”, which triggered you schizophrenic outburst on DNA.

          5. You missed the point that the word noob is of no importance, it is so mundane that it does not even excel at being mundane..

          6. And you really think genetic engineering would do any good for humanity as a whole? They would use it against us as they use the rest of society against us. If genetic engineering would be used on the population it would be used to enslave us even more. And intelligence is not the real issue. The fuckers who rule us is not so intelligent, only less harmed than us. And these fuckers have not accomplished any thing else than grieve for the rest and the only thing holding them up is the fact they stand on the shoulders of their ancestors and their accomplishes.

          7. The problem with you is that you really are quite intelligent, but you can’t have an serious discussion and hold a red thread. And this constant gibberish is a clear sign of mental illness.

          8. Actually the elites are quite intelligent and very adept at communications and deception. Economics based on production vs proposed alternatives would be a good area of research to start from, but as it is, I already read and think too much for my own good. In a closed system one group prevails, while in an open system other group(s) prevail, and those groups will have open minds and come with no guarantees of giving a fuck about the existence of the majority of humans they may or may not consider to be useless eaters.

          9. I don’t make any arguments for or against genetic engineering, yes it will and already has been used as a weapon for at least 30 years.

          10. R, you are correct in your assumption about my lack of interest in the mundane, except maybe as an abstract concept and methods of coping with it.

          11. What is more mundane than acting like a fool? Look around you and you see how the foolishness permeate our society of today.

            I didn’t say the “elite” were unintelligent, I said they were not so very intelligent. Just less harmed than us. They have lowered the IQ on the general population by toxins in our environment, by tainted vaccines and by so many other ways. And of course is the whole thing well constructed. They have built this abomination for centuries or millenniums. And economics is the driving/controlling force, but it is a Ponzi Scheme and the bubble will burst. The US have a debt on 20 trillion dollars, that is 20 million million dollars. That is the mother of economical disasters waiting to happen. A real when the SHTF moment.

          12. If money is fake then the theoretical debt is just another number too, and if nations want to fight and kill each other over this then there isn’t anything you or I can do.

          13. Money is make believe toilet paper with the value they say it have and all new money are created with a debt attached which ultimate leads to a population of poor slaves. And of course you and I can’t do anything about wars more than have this discussion. All of humanity, or the majority of them, need to unite to bring in a change for the better, and I have a hard time seeing this happen. But what a hell, I’ve been wrong before.

  3. To all Miscopy fuckers, Mark posted this on BestGore and this is why he have not been posting any new videos.

    “With Hurricane Maria approaching and appearing to either hit Dominica directly, or pass it closely to the north, the government has upgraded the situation on the island to “Hurricane Warning”, meaning that hurricane conditions ARE expected in the area.

    The warning was issued at 11pm last night, and at around that time the hurricane like conditions already started. The amount of rain we received overnight is already alarming and I just got woken up by a government employee who is going around telling people to brace up, and inquired how many people live in the house in case the river flowing through the valley spills over, and they need to launch emergency evacuations.

    Last night, Hurricane Maria had maximum sustained winds of 85mph, making it a Category 1 hurricane, ie it’s nowhere near as powerful as Irma, but it’s still a hurricane and they still need to be taken seriously. As was Irma, Maria is strengthening, and as of this post, its maximum sustained winds are at 110mph, with gusts up to 150mph.

    Irma only knocked power out in Dominica for 3 hours, because it changed the course and didn’t hit the island directly. There is always a possibility that when this island gets hit with Maria, it’ll knock all infrastructure out, so I may end up without the internet and electricity for days again. Should you not hear from me, this is probably why. I will try to keep you guys updated if the internet remains operational.



    1. I’ve seen this video before. I think it’s very possible since it was the old Rockefeller mummy who pushed the fossil fuel thing. Follow the money. Scarcity if it is from fossil and abundant if it’s abiotic. Scarcity bring in the bucks and abundance not so much.

        1. It is a lot of thing they have withheld from us. Look at the inventions of Nikola Tesla, the man who gave us alternate current and much more, he took free electricity from the atmosphere. But another bank fucker J.P Morgan shut it down, because “you can’t put a meter on it”. FBI raided Teslas laboratory when he died and confiscated most of his work. And TPTB have bought up a lot of patents for free energy or killed the patent or the inventor. Energy is the driving force of our society and if you control it you control the whole society.

          1. For sure. In school, they taught about Edison, not Tesla. They have suppressed a lot of technology that could take our society much further than it is.

          2. @Smurf – The Zeitgeist movement was a limited hangout from above. The fact it won a lot of prizes was sure sign. Real truth tellers who threaten the status quo, they die.

          3. R, I don’t believe that they can kill everyone, but a clear example of what you talking about, is the fact that Bill Cooper was killed, but Alex Jones is a Millionaire running his mouth.

          4. The psychology of a person with superior intellect and or possessing superior external intelligence without the fetters of conventional human morality due to a radically open mind is likely to grow bored of the human livestock rather quick.

            Meanwhile, the economic elites that people complain constantly about have kept most of the useless eaters alive, or at least have devised ways through politics, etc to not kill off the majority of us useless eaters which is certainly within the capabilities of technology for many decades.

          5. If a majority of the elite got together to devise an extermination method of the herd majority I’m pretty certain they could accomplish just that. Even with my limited imagination and what can be found in research going back 40 years, but it would most likely take the majority of the elite working together against a minority elite that don’t agree to accomplish the task.

          6. They have directly killed of a lot humans in all the wars. But they prefer a more “humane” way in controlling the numbers. But this is not working out so good since the world population is rising. So maybe the will cull the herd or maybe not, I don’t know. I just hope they don’t kill me. But on the other hand I’m a semi old fuck, so fuck it.

            And I understand the thing of people having it all and with psychopathic tendencies looking down on the general population. They see a threat in our numbers.

          7. @i have no brain – Of course you can control energy like in a combustion engine or in a nuclear plant. But you cant control it like e.g. “The Flash” because he is a comic figure. Was that your point with the comment?

          8. What amuses me is sometimes their extermination plans backfire on them as with the Soviet Union stockpiling tons of anthrax spores, it turned out to cause more harm locally than it inflicted on the enemy. Plus anthrax was always a stupid weapon to begin with in a world of vaccines, bacteriophages and other intercepts. Even porn makes a more effective weapon to curb population.

            I have a hard time believing the Soviets were stupid enough to invest in anthrax as a weapon but according to Alibek’s book they did. And the Soviets did have some very stupid LMAO COSTLY projects like the Albatross

            So maybe they were actually that stupid which is easy to say in hindsight.

          1. Gus, they will kill the majority of the population off eventually. Honestly, there are too many people. One way or another, the population must start to decrease.

          2. I think exterminationists are not currently the majority of the elite. Perhaps the majority elite plays a role in allowing the turning of the spicket of limited population control as a steam valve release from time to time, but as I mention the means of exterminating people and without having to destroy infrastructure already exists in multiples. I think the majority elite have limited such reduction means to soft power and economics.

            If the majority elites lose population compliance they could perhaps allow an undesirable group of elites to have a limited play day.

          3. So basically /it is a/ we are under/ a game theory model of compliance where good elites will step back temporarily and allow the bad elites to have some fun if enough compliance is lost to temporarily disempower the elites that don’t hate herd animals. Then there is the factors of which demographics what type of elites draws their support from.

          4. It’s possible, but that something would most likely be a solid artificial general intelligence that is also progressively scalable.

          5. While it is plausible I don’t consider it the most likely scenario. If such a technology does come to being then various types of elites will have access to it just like they once did with nukes, etc.

          6. They have had the need for us as labor. But robots of today can do most of our work and tomorrow even more. And I don’t think they want a couple of billion unemployed sitting and philosophizing about the unjustness of our current world. And as BD mentioned, they have means to do this without destroying infrastructure. My guess is some disease and they have been doing this research for years in Porton Down UK and Fort Detrick US. The Spanish Flu started in a Military Camp in the US but since WWI was going on they said it started in Spain. And what I have read the people who died was the ones getting the flu shoot. So watch out for the man with the syringe.

          7. I think it takes a very rare psychology and spiritual outlook to actually have a well thought out reason to kill off the majority.

            First the act requires a certain amount of technological ability which necessitates infrastructure, etc. That limits actors to participants able to think within some degree of logic and intellectual ability except maybe in a few rare cases of inbred/hereditary accumulation of means and error.

            There really isn’t too many logical reasons to kill off a majority of humans other than urgent necessity.

          8. But look at the Bolsheviks in Russia, they killed millions, and the same goes for the Red Khmers in Cambodia, and Mao in China.

        1. What type of elitist group mindset would most likely be interested in such a thing, that is also an interesting question. I’m pretty certain it would be a minority a very rare mindset interested in exterminating human cattle.

          1. WWI about 20 million dead and WWII about 50-70 million dead and both of these wars was jump started by intent. So they have the mindset. 20 or 70 million or a couple of billions is just a difference in statistics. I surely think they have the means to cull the herd, but I don’t know if they have the will.

          2. With great power comes great responsibility right? I imagine, that the ruling elite are aware of the fact that there are way too many people, and have the “burden” of having to be the ones to do something about it. I think that some of them are psychopathic, and don’t care, but some just know that it has to be done. I’m sure that it’s easier for them to make such decisions, knowing that they, and their families will be safe.

          3. And an other aspect is that they have get some one to do the job, since they themselves don’t want blood splatter on their handmade shoes and tailor suited suits. But by the last world wars they have terminated the gen poles of the ones most willing to bear arms. So whats left is us photofinishing fuckers behind the computer screen. You can say their own thing came back and bit them in the ass. So my guess is still some pandemic.

          4. That’s how the AGI would solve the minority elite’s (if they actually exist) rate limiting factor. Unless of course their AGI snitched on them just like uncompensated people inevitably do.

          5. Pandemics have intercepts though. Plus an infectious organism that kills also tends to limit its own spread.

          6. But if a pandemic breaks loose and they start to scare the population, as they did with the Ebola bullshit, and then administered the disease by tainted vaccines. And of course not in the way you drop dead when they insert the needle. Something that would kill you in a couple of weeks or months. And look how many countries are making vaccinations an obligatory thing. In a pandemic they would definitely force it on people for their own best interest.

            And BTW, I like this BD better than the other one. Because he is a pain in the ass.

          7. Smurf, there is probably a full range of elites of various shades of disposition. There is probably also some anti-genocide think tanks out there on the internet that has thought of these things. I’d be interested to know if any logical reasons beyond the trite scarcity reasons exist. The problem is not scarcity but access to scarce resources which require technology to solve. Which enables the theoretical minority potential access to the means they need to fix their rate limiting step.

          8. BD – You say you think to much and it is not good for you. It’s always better to think to much than to little. And it is also better to share and compare your thoughts with other thinkers than to waist time acting like a fool. And the fool thing was not an accusation, more of an observation of your behavior sometimes as it was a reflection of my own ditto behavior. Now it’s early in the morning in my part of the world and it’s power off time.

          9. that is not a first, my computer has always been so bugged anyway i dont even bother cleaning it anymore. besides, im pretty sure celeron intel etc chips have their own built-in backdoor entry systems already in place to observe my gay porn collection

          10. It’s not your computer it is the sites/servers. And they have back-doors both on software- and hardware-levels. Windows 10 is a Trojan masked as an OS and the Linux kernel have never been fully audited. The new Intel chip have a 3G chip with it’s own operating system. And other hardware have back-doors written in the drivers which are invisible to the OS and AV-software. So “they” are fully aware of your Gay-porn collection and they have probably the same taste.

    2. Every word he says is true. I wondered since college why the hell crude oil was called a fossil fuel. It very obviously is not. And it is little known that immense reserves still exist. And only a small number (a few thousand) of people know you can synthesis crude oil fairly easily

    1. I think Asian chicks with strabismus are sooo hot!… I’m kinda getting into amputees lately… but they have to be victims of landmines, to give me that get up and go. y’know what I’m sayin twiz?

      1. Mental image nothing more!
        (Of my sis)

        Amputees have some appeal granny!

        My wife is pregnant and her doctor is a man. He’s obviously seen her pussy numerous times because it’s our second baby with this doc.
        Well my point is. I live in Thailand and every time we go and see him he has a few mum-to-be’s waiting to see him (usually hit as fuck)!
        Well this had me thinking ?! If I were him with these hot Thai pussys lining up to see me everyday I’d have to masterbate my penis very regularly.
        What a lucky fucker he is!!

          1. Well R let me fill u into the full full story…

            Years ago my friend and I heard that if a women’s breast weren’t saggy u could put a pencil underneath one breast, let go and the pencil would fall down. If it stayed wedged it meant u had saggy tits.
            So my sister being a cunt said she had great tits and performed this experiment in front of me. To prove she didn’t have saggy tits.

            Well, this later gave me a stonking little hard on which I tugged furiously !

            Texture. Big pale boobies. Large pink nipples with a well featured but small bumps around them.
            She’s ginger!

            And now I’m getting a fucking stiffy!

          2. What happened to the pencil, did it drop or not. You can’t retell your dirty childhood memories and leave out important parts of the story. Did you smell the pencil when you slapped the salami?

          3. Twiss – But now days, is this still a tradition at family gatherings and do the pencil still drop or have they saggier than in your childhood masturbation fantasies?

          1. a lady boy to me is like a bag of fish and chips to a Brit!
            Normal life

            My boss loves fucking lady boys.
            They give the best blow jobs supposedly!
            Makes sense I suppose.

          2. Yeah, it’s probably easier to handle a dick if you got one yourself. Do you bang the lady boys or do they bang you or do you alternate the fudge packing?

          3. Sorry smurf.
            The lady boys vary widely.
            From the most beautiful to most horrific of gods creations!
            If u believe in that cunt called god!
            However they all have one thing in common … they want to be your friend.

            Long time…

          4. Twizz – But you wrote it yourself “a lady boy to me is like a bag of fish and chips to a Brit” and you eat fish and chips ergo we thought you ate lady boys too.

          5. Yes R, I understand your interpretation from my comment but what I meant was seeing lady boys is just an everyday thing for me.

  4. As much as I hate changing the subject away from lady boys, what do you guys think about the Disclosure Project? Actually, there may be a disclosure Project for lady boys as well, but that’s not the point.

    1. I don’t know about the UFO and ET thing. I read about Project Blue Beam were they will pull of a fake alien invasion which would gather humanity under a One World Government in the end. Earlier they gathered citizens of a country against an external threat. Maybe UFO:s are extraterrestrial or they could be terrestrial with some unknown technique withheld from the public. I don’t know. In our galaxy it takes the light 10000 years to pass the thickness of the Milky Way and 100000 years the length. So they would have to live long life’s or have a faster than light technique. But even the fucking Pope in Rome have been talking about ET:s as the children of God and I definitely don’t trust that fucker or his pedophile church.

        1. As I said, I don’t know and sees it as an open question. But think about it. Say you have some tribe living in e.g. the Amazonas and they have never seen our technique and suddenly someone drops down in an airplane. This tribe would think it was gods arriving since they would not be able to comprehend what they see. Same thing could be said for UFO:s. If it is a technique withheld from us we would think it is from another world, since we no longer believe in any gods. And on the other hand green men could be real.

          1. Cryptos can be crypto anything, crypto doesn’t have to mean good, bad or jew exclusively. Jew is more of a word and about as legit of a religion as any cargo cult paganism, it doesn’t define extreme self interest group accurate enough, like if Mormons suddenly behaved like.

            Cryptos are real, while ETs are too far away or different in advancement to matter reciprocally to eachother.

            News media ET’s.. now that kind of alien that could become ‘real’ enough to fool most normal people.

          2. Since it was a joke, I must be. You can’t joke about the Jews without being an antisemite. Why did you not clarify your crypto thing directly when you mentioned your believes in them?

          3. You are right that Jewish is a very crypto sort of thing. I imagine there is large variety of cryptos. Someone unbiased and with resources to do so ought to write a sourced encyclopedia of cryptos free of the ET bullshit.

          4. BD – All politicians are cryptos since they pretend to serve the people who elected them, while they really work for the puppet-master. And that is a part of the deception perfection you mentioned a couple of comments ago.

          5. “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

            J. Edgar Hoover

    2. The disclosure project is great in my personal opinion! Dr S G is incredibly intelligent however Ihave a deep suspicion, gut feeling, he might be up to no good by trying to make people believe things that may not be true.
      He claims animal mutilations are done by the us government as a black op to line the world up for a Fake alien invasion.
      If feel he’s trying to lead people away from the truth with that remark.

      1. As far as some of the animal mutilation goes, I have seen evidence that insects go after the soft, watery parts first, with “surgical precision”. So, that is one topic that is “in dispute”.

        1. Undoubtedly master Smurf!
          The subject is drenched in controversy!
          Have you watched the NATO human mutilation cover up?
          I think that’s what it’s called
          Richard d hall does it on his website rich planet.
          It’s my second favorite website after Miscopy .

          1. No, I have not. I will definitely check that out though. I am on that whiskey right now, so I will probably go of on some weird tangent as of now. Nothing wrong with that I guess.

      2. Twizz – I read the book “The Franklin cover up”, written by former state Senator John DeCamp. It is about a child prostitution ring in Nebraska and has ties to the Republican Party and Washington DC. And the book describes Satanic ritual abuse, offerings and about some fuckers flying around in a chopper and thereafter farmers found mutilated cattle.

      1. I think that is a typical way for humans to dismiss something that doesn’t fit into their way of thinking. “The gunshot must have reprogrammed his brain”, or he was lobotomized. If you watch more of the documentary, you will learn that the crocodile was far from retarded. At one point, the dude drove him miles away in order to release Pocho back into the wild. The next day, he was sitting on his doorstep like a puppy dog.

        1. @Smurf – I have seen this video before too (My God, I have no life). And I am convinced that animals are a lot more complex than we credit them to be. They have an inner life of a lesser degree compared to man and I’m sure it differs between different species. But on the other hand animals are more perfected than man since the live out their full potential and man is just a fraction of what he should be.

    1. You’re really into that Zeitgeist thing aren’t you? You want that self-driving car my friend can hack into so he can film you doing a 360 in mid air and post it on Miscopy

        1. That is what Zeitgeist propaganda objective is. Or one of the objectives. Instead of on-off switches you get cheaply made plastic automatic shit that breaks, costs more, can’t be repaired by you. All applied to a tool that should be kept simple and efficient. Only Japanese have a need for waterspouts in their toilette to shoot water up their ass and anus cams.

          1. The Zeitgeist propaganda is pushing for a socialistic society, but our owners will stay the same. A form of Star Trek socialism here on earth. And from what I remember the old fuck Jacque Fresco, from the Venus Project, he was a former member of the KKK. But he said he joined to change their view on racial discrimination. Yeah right. A snake oil salesman in a snake oil commercial. But sure, a lot of the things in Zeitgeist are true. But to sell a big lie you have to tell some truth. That is the hallmark of a limited hangout.

          1. You arent real smurf, You’re only one of those noobs who changed name to avoid my almighty fuxxorage. Now Bow to BD and suck his giant cock, or flee as the coward u are.
            Oh, and please suck BD first as R is a gay noob and will induce bad breath syndrom with all that cheese growin around his glans, and possibly, terrible illnesses will pass thru.

            But i allow you to be the Smurf, as u have acutally no experience at all beyond miscopy, and it’s funnier to bash wannabe kings than normal people.

            Oh and yeh, you are a muslim, dont be fooled by your current state of mind and get your genitals chopped, allah said it.

          2. Just tryin to stop u from havin’ some very terrible diseases, as u are the one to love being sucked by these two pals.

            i wont say it means you are ghey, i will just say i dont mind you are ghey.

            u filthy ghey.

          3. Yeah R, ure right , u experience ignorance, wich means u have to strenghten your brain so u can eventually stop doin some efforts understanding others

          4. @Fagian – Three-legged Biggus could fuck your hole up and split your flesh apart, in the same manner skakarn and Fagian split apart.

          5. Unfortunately nigger chimps have evolved to the point of posting jibber jabber, BD and all his cousins need to find a boat fast and ride it straight to the nearest hurricane/typhoon. Looks like the wall wasn’t built fast enough for BG/miscopy, fucking Maria needs to go back to Mexico, “DAY TOOK ARH JOBS!”

          6. Miscopy keeps fucken up for me too, now it thinks I am Monty, and I think I’ll have wait until Miscopy fixes this before posting again.

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