Man Is Murdered As He Arrives Home on Motorcycle

Man Is Murdered As He Arrives Home on Motorcycle
Man Is Murdered As He Arrives Home on Motorcycle

Self-employed Wesligon Lopes dos Santos, 29, was assaulted and killed with two head shots.

He would come home and get ready to put his motorcycle in the garage when two men showed up. After taking the cell phone and the victim’s money, one of the robbers fired the shots. Wesligon died instantly.

The crime happened in Beira Rio Street, neighborhood of Coroado, East Zone of Manaus. One of the witnesses reported that Wesligon at no time reacted to the robbery, and yet the man who aimed the gun at his head while the crew was stealing, shot at point-blank range.

The assailants fled on a motorcycle toward the Crowned Fair. The Woman and two brothers from Wesligon even telephoned the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu), hoping he would still be alive. Military policemen of the 11th Interactive Community Company (Cicom) were conducting searches but did not locate criminals.

According to an expert from the Institute of Criminalistics (IC), the shots pierced the helmet the victim wore and hit him dead on the head.

The corpse was removed from the site and taken to the headquarters of the Legal Medical Institute, in the neighborhood of Cidade Nova, Zona Norte. Police have not released any footage yet, but the security camera at a house on the street where the crime took place would have recorded the robbery scene.

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