62 Year Old Pedophile Caught on CCTV Touching 5 Year Old Girl in Supermarket

62 Year Old Pedophile Caught on CCTV Touching 5 Year Old Girl in Supermarket
62 Year Old Pedophile Caught on CCTV Touching 5 Year Old Girl in Supermarket

A video shared in social networks shows the exact moment when a pedophile sexually abuses a girl of only five years inside a hypermarket in the North Zone of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.

In the images granted by the security guards of the establishment to the # Police, it is possible to see that the man approaches the child in one of the corridors of the market and the slope in a gondola of goods. There he bends over the girl and taps her intimate parts. At first, she seems to be frightened, but then becomes paralyzed.

When he notices people approaching, he drops the girl and leaves quickly, but the child’s mother notices the criminal’s actions and starts screaming desperately, catching the attention of the security guards and even other clients who tried to hold the pedophile.

The security guards managed to restrain him and fired the Military Police.

The man is 62 years old and was arrested last Saturday (23) and sent to the Public Prison of Porto Alegre (new name of the former Central Prison). According to the police, he has no criminal record. The images where it is possible to see all the action of the criminal were delivered by the security sector of the hypermarket to the policemen who attended the occurrence.

Laura Rodrigues Lopes, delegate of the Victim of Child and Adolescent Victim, reported that they received the report card and an investigation has been initiated to investigate further details of the case.

About the girl who was the victim of this man, the delegate said that, at first, they forwarded her for expertise and then she will receive psychological counseling and will be heard by a psychiatrist who specializes in this type of crime.

According to Laura, the attitude to be taken now with regard to the victim is to try to minimize the psychological damage and that this will be done by a team of experts. She also assured that the evidence against the man is very clear and strong.

As a child’s preservation measure [VIDEO] and according to the guidance of the delegate, we will not disclose the video with the action of the tarot, because it is explicit content of abuse against children and the disclosure and sharing of it also constitutes crime predicted in law.

But in social networks, Internet users outraged at what happened are sharing the images and trying to alert people, since the statistics involving abuse and sexual violence against children and adolescents are alarming.

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