Black on White Beating of Student in Mkushi, Zambia

Black on White Beating of Student in Mkushi, Zambia
Black on White Beating of Student in Mkushi, Zambia

At Chengelo School in Mkushi, Zambia, black students ganged up and beat a light skinned one allegedly over a girl, but the beating seems to have a racist feel to it.

34 thoughts on “Black on White Beating of Student in Mkushi, Zambia”

  1. WoW., Thats just Fucked up and Wrong. For some reason it seems So Wrong when its done the other way around.., thats just messed up. Its like watching thruogh an alternate universe.

    1. For some reason the movie “Planet of the Feeble Cracka” comes to mind, sounds like the beginning of a movie Series that could be on the something., and for the final part of the series, it would be just like it is now.., hmm, thats cool.

  2. Why haven’t the police been called? I am referring to the fashion police,of course. Horizontal stripes, and plaid shorts? Even the idiotic camera guy had to zoom in on that shit. That was the worst crime committed during the entire video. He should be charged with indecent exposure, at least.

  3. This is such a suprise, to see black people gang up on a defenseless perskn is unheard of. A appalled
    On a more comic note, that guy who has on the ridiculous outfit sounds super stupid, he reminded me of the black guy wearing a dress that returns a chewed up cd at “Pinky’s” in the movie FRIDAY. ” I can’t get jiggy wit this shit” ???

  4. Typical black gang-up on solo white just for the sole reason of being white.

    Pretext, pretext, pretext …
    Blacks will use any excuse in the book just to attack whites. Just as long as the odds are in their favor.

    But what pisses me off is that the video ends right when the action seems to pick up. Why do all these videos end like this, damnit?!

    It makes me want to make a video of me fucking a broad while I am strangling her just so I can feel her pussy quiver with death.

    Boy, did I go off topic.

    wow …

  5. not enough …
    A so-called “grannyfister” on a “sicksite” is suggesting in response to my “step 1 to my idiot’s guide to broad killers” post that it was quote, “lil bit!”.

    May I suggest to you, sir, that I find you to be mmm – I don’t know? … A FRAUD?! You are a legit fisterman of elder females who have children who, in turn, have children themselves, than Pascal is not a greasy bastard!
    I will contact The Grannyfister Assoc. of America and find out if you’re even a current member, let alone EVER! You just woke up a sleeping strangler, my man!

    1. Aw Jeez!…. Zoey, u don’t have to do that… All you have to do is smell my hand… The incontinence has permeated it, that’s all the proof I need!… And as far as your comment on strangling chick’s til you get a death quiver from their cunts…. Well, I thought is was just a little much to use the “dammit”. It made you come off as a sick individual… That’s all

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