Chinese Woman Walks Like She Owns the Road, For the Last Time

Chinese Woman Walks Like She Owns the Road, For the Last Time
Chinese Woman Walks Like She Owns the Road, For the Last Time

CCTV video from China shows a young woman walking down a road like she owns it, but an operator of some odd looking, forklift like machine said NOPE!

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  1. I keep a close watch on this heart of mine,
    I keep my eyes wide open all the time..,
    I keep the ends out for the tie that binds,
    Because you’re mine, (Mwhahaha) I walk the line….

    1. grammy, Jew, Jew, Jew. Wonderful. You can spell Jew. You know I don’t care.
      But answer the ?.
      R U a german denier?
      Answer this: do you have relatives that served in the war?
      If so, can you elaborate?

      1. ok… no I’m not a denier… I just have a different view of the holocaust… secondly, I probably do, but can’t elaborate cause I don’t have the information…. now answer my question… ytf? is anything about jews a Flashpoint for you?… or should it obvious that your jewish!… I’m not afraid to express my love or hate for anyone brother.. trust me on that!… 86!

          1. Nice one Zobracommander!… Still a nice score though!… No UK… It’s an inside joke for us.. But it’s a sort of thumb to my nose at nazi fuktards… Y’know how they use the number 88?…the eighth letter of the alphabet is H, so when you say 88 you’re saying HH .. Heil Hitler…. I’m also known as Grandolph Fistler…. GF…. Thus ,..86

          1. And with comments like that, UK fishchip, it shows how low you will go to “follow”.
            What a stupid-ass thing to say.
            What a desperate need to follow something.
            A born follower …
            Anyways, despots come and go … and the Jews still stand.
            Since the diaspora, notice that it is NEVER an entity that is good and righteous that tries to destroy the Jewish people. It’s ALWAYS an evil and brutal entity. And one that ultimately fades into history.
            The righteous entity and it’s populace tends to appreciate the Jewish populace among them, while usually the evil entity sways the majority populace against the Jewish populace in some form of propaganda, lies and/ or blackmail.
            That says something that if you are a reasonable person, should spark a sense in your brain w/out hesitation. If there is something wrong with you then you will not have that sensation. There is no sensible rebuttable to what I typed above … none. I challenge you, anyone to successfully rebut it. I will send a $1,000 check to anyone who can.

          1. Finally you come up with something. I’ll be honest, you tend to fall below the level that I consider “acceptable humor”. Not all the time, though, but most of the time. Well, actually, both of you do, but Smurf came up with a couple of doozies, this is true. It’s just that your guys type of humor needs a drum kit,
            ya know? Silly is the word I’m looking for and, look, I guess there is nothing wrong with your brand at all, like in 4th grade, maybe 5th and occasionally in 6th, but that’s it. For me, it just gets a little old. But it’s cool, I guess. I think you need to lay off the booze and pills, though. You get sloppy. Maybe you’re still in that “fuck it” stage. Maybe try that book, “Comedy For Dummies”. I don’t know.
            Nah, better that you get off the booze, you fuckin’ hooch hound.
            Sit & bounce, bitch: ✌ 1 4 d bung & 1 4 d puss

          2. I forgot to mention that if you are like 12 or 13 years old, then I apologize and that you’re funny as hell.

          3. Comedy is subjective personally i find some of your humour to be a little half assed like you just typed the first thing you thought however the rest of the time i find that you are funny as fuck its down to taste really right, we are different people with different personalities and therefore laugh at different shit

          1. What is it with your obsession with Jews? It’s just one of many antiquated belief systems, who’s time has passed. You claim that Jews are so loved by god, that he has intervened, to save them. Why on earth, do they need you to be their security guard? Waving your flashlight around, and shit. Why do you even care? Why are you on this site in the first place? You must have accidentally ended up here, while trying to enter some cat lovers chat room or something.

          2. Ha!… UK!….. Jews are not innocent people!… All u wanna fukn hear is nothing but good about Jews!… U mean to tell me that Jews NEVER did anything bad?!… Because if that’s the case, they got it fuktup with God first… No? Of course not! To Zobrist we should all be serving the Jews for all the great things they’ve done for humans… Right?… That’s what you wanna hear… Right?… That’s ALL your gonna hear, because your ears and eyes are covered with Jewish shit!

          3. Of course, but at least I switch it around a bit. And if I stuck with one at least it wouldn’t be a fourth or fifth grade, one or two chuckle, type of humor. I strive to give and receive belly laughs, period. That is what funny, for me, is all about. I’m bored with anything less, frankly.
            Not everything I post is supposed to be funny. You may not find something funny because I didn’t intend for it to be funny.
            And then there was some crappers that I had. Just because I criticize them doesn’t mean I was saying that I didn’t have any crap myself. But at the same time and I I do believe I be biased, obviously, but because of the fact that I use different forms of this art and some that I don’t use, I would say that I’m a little more crafted, just based on their one form approach alone. Besides, I’ve probably been alive longer than these two, so … more practice.
            Unfortunately, there has never been a comedian who has made me ache and ache, but I can name a few of the ones who have done the best job so far. First, I’ll tell you who I saw live. I saw only two live:
            First, was Sam Kinison. Fantastic show. He was a screaming fool. He had a phone on stage and he was calling up audience members ex-girlfriends so he can scream at them as to why they broke up with that person on stage. It was a funny ass skit and he had tons of people come up and and practically all of the girlfriends would answer and he would be at it each and every girlfriend. I actually raised my hand and he brought me on stage. When he chose me he had already chosen a lot of people already.
            I was in the second row and not many people had their hands up at the time so I just said fuck it and I did it. It was hilarious … after the call, Sam and I hugged like we were fags, rubbing each other’s backs and shit.
            Second, was the complete opposite, but just as funny … Steven Wright. Absolutely hilarious. He even brought out a guitar and sang some songs. He was the very first comedian I saw on tv, along with Andy Kaufman, when I was a kid.
            But for a comedian who made me ache here and there, I would say Bill Hicks when he “thunks” out all those kids and many other skits. The guy was great … it’s a shame he’s dead.
            And then there is Doug Stanhope. If you were to have a mascot comedian for Miscopy, let’s say, it would be Doug Stanhope. He’s a sick man. I can’t even name a skit, you just need to see all of his shows. His style almost feels like it’s improv, like it’s off the cuff material, but obviously it’s not … or is it?
            He’ll interrupt himself halfway through whatever he’s saying and start something else entirely and shit like that. It’s like listening to a dude at the bar who’s heavily buzzed for an hour … and he’s hilarious the entire time.
            He has made me laugh till I ached many, many times. In fact, there has been back to back aches where I haven’t even gotten over an ache and then a new one has erupted. I’ve paused his shit just to recover and then just to play it again.
            I’m not b.s.’n at all. The dude needs to be looked into by y’all. That’s all I’m sayin.
            Doug Stanhope’s the name, funny is his game.

          4. I…. Love… All three of those guys!.. Especially, big Sam Kinison and Bill Hicks!…. Just thinking about those dudes makes me laugh!

          5. Shit!… Smurfler and I were talking about Stephen Wright a week ago!… I went right to YouTube and just puked with laughter!… And Fuk you Zober!… I’m way, much, older than you my friend!

  2. I am a little mesh my self I will buy anything on sale and that’s the truth I didn’t read all that zobrist I’ll admit. Not because I don’t care I’m just done caring for today my brain turns off at 8 when the kids go to bed and j can roll up a fat joint, humour is my interest I don’t care if your a Jew a spicy coon or my next door neighbor, fuck me bro I’ll lynch any fucker, I’m sorry I offended you or rattled your cage zobrist, wasn’t my intention, I guess I just expected a guy who spends his time on here as I do, to be a little less sensitive again I apologize bro I quite like your style and use of un common intellect, in short .
    I’m sorry zobrist friends ?
    But seriously friends? there is zero sincerity in my words

    1. Deathknell, I will take you from behind so hard and so fruitful and so focused—
      I am your Alpha … never forget that, beta.
      With all sincerity ?? <– suck it!

          1. XD my partners brother truly hates them with a passion and he is honestly the most peaceful vegan animal lover I know

          2. Israel is mighty strong for so much anti Zionism to be so rampant, fellas. That is why y’all hate Israel so much. Because you’re sore losers not to mention that you are self haters. Adolf Hitler lost he’s dead the Reich is no more and Israel is strong as fuck. Germany is such a pussy country which it should be in fact it shouldn’t even exist but they are such a pussy country that they will put you in prison for saying shit about the Holocaust and that it never happened, etc.. In fact they just put 88 year-old cunt, Ursula Haverbeck, in prison just the other day. It’s about time, let the hag hang, lol.
            Fuck Germany and fuck Ursula. ??

          1. Let me take that back and clean it up for my true Jewish brothers and sisters!… Don’t hate, that’s a Zionist trait!.. There that’s much better!

          1. That queer is worse than an attention whoring cunt. He’s already written his biography in this post alone. Real men don’t explain themselves – women do which explains everything about him. I truly hope he meets his dad one day.

  3. I told you before that I’m not Jewish. With anti-judaism, anti-judeos assume that anyone who disagrees with your hateful slant of a view, you rush to assume that they are jewish.
    But like I told you before, the vast majority of the world who knows the TRUE facts support the Jews and Israel. But you have oil held above the heads of all the U.N. nation members so they are held hostage and forced see it the “Arabs” way. And if you see independent entities who hate Jews and Israel, then they’re usually low-end or if a nation, a dictatorship.
    Now, why am I so fervent and not a Jew?
    Well, first off, why the fuck not?! Do I really need a reason to defend those that are worthy to be defended?!
    And to those of you who believe that the Holocaust never happened, that the Jewish people are the spawn of the devil and that the Jews are trying to take over the world, I say to you:
    Suck My Girthy Vth!!
    What a term! Mr. Benjamin Shaw, I salute you. I hope he doesn’t mind me stealin’ a lil from him.
    And about that third thing, about the conspiracy, about the Jews taking over the world? I say to those who believe in that:
    Get an education and get a good job so you can compete against the Jews, ya jealous fools!!! Don’t blame them, blame yourself!! Fucking idiots!

    “But wait, dude, the fucking Jews, you don’t understand, those God damn Jews have control of this, they have control of that and those wretched fucking Satan spawn have undermined the—”
    Blah blah blah.
    I will explain why I defend them shortly.
    I’m actually a little tired …
    I will say this — it has to do with a little old Jewish couple.

    1. Woah bro. Never really said any thing like that, you dont even know my views you haven’t asked i just see humans as humans i dont hate people i hate personalities i respect your views bro how the fuck have i triggered you like this? XD

      1. That’s what I’m sayin… It’s funny how this muthrfukn Jewish mouthpiece is quick to accuse others of hating Jews, so he took it upon himself to defend to whole of the Jewish religion…. Funny!….. Funny how he doesn’t jump up for blacks, Spanish, or Asian… Just Jews!… Why don’t you get the Girthy Jewish Vths,or whatever the fuk that is, out of your ass!.. And Stfu!

        1. Asians don’t need defending, Spanish? Spain is just fine and when the blacks act accordingly, maybe the proper black leadership will step forward and act accordingly. There are plenty of black conservatives that would make great leaders for the black agenda, but the black populous would never accept them as representatives of their cause. And that is a crying shame, an absolute tragedy.
          The Jewish people are unique, granny, okay?
          You know that perfectly well, so don’t fuck around. Why don’t you pull the butt plug out of your ass.
          You still haven’t figured out what Ben means by the “Girthy Vth”?!! Man, you are thick. The Girthy Vth is his holy of Holies, chump. Girthy, I assume you know, refers to the girthyness of his royal cockness and the Vth, drumroll please … brlbrlbrlbrlbrlbrlbrlbrlbrlbrl … refers to his fifth limb. Get it? 2 arms, 2 legs and 1 big, girthy cock!
          U just go talkin’ all this and you talk a lot of shit, dude and turns out I’m right after all.
          What are you right about, Mr. Zobs?!
          That Grammy’s I.Q. is 86 with a cheat sheet. ??

          1. What I meant by unique, foolish blue Smurf, was their uniqueness in the hate category. Why can’t you pick up on these things? I mean are they not unique in the hate category WHICH IS WHAT WE ARE FUCKING TALKING ABOUT!! Who else has 6 million of their own people killed which is almost practically half their entire population, I mean come on, man wake up!! You and your bitter old man friend,granny— and I fully get his name now.
            His name is literal. He actually does fist-fuck old ladies-grandmas, basically.

          1. Oh shit sorry bro I thought you were, but I didn’t really take offence I just thought I offended you haha any way my apologies zobrist

      1. I wrote for comedians at one time … for a living.
        At one point, for just over 2 years I had 8 comedians that I was writing for, but usually it would be 2-3 full time. This took place in Philly and Chicago for about, jeez, this is when I was really high alot, about 7 or 8 years. I gave it up for personal reasons, but maybe one day I’ll write again. And you’re right, UK.
        I don’t put too much effort into it here because there’s no money in it. ?? I just love this pig.

        1. Ha!… Smurf! … But seriously… That’s fukn awesome Zo!…. But it begs the questions… Ytf are you jumpin down our throats about Jews in particular!.. Ytf are you threatening muthafckrs and shit?.. YTF, AREN’T you making us fukng laugh??…. Fuk the money! Shit! you’re NOT getting paid to sell Isreal,.. on THIS site, or are you?.. And I don’t giveafuk if you weren’t talking to me!… Now, talk to me…

          1. You haven’t made me LAUGH once, gramps. I’m not lyin’ … sorry if it irks, but who gives a shit, really.

    1. Yeah! Good ole Alois, my buddy! He’d suckle my tits, I’d suckle his … It was a gratifying reciprocation of true brotherhood. But I got to know — how did you know?

    2. I’ll tell you about them and why I feel the way I feel later when I am in the mood for it. When I don’t have any feeling of wanting to grudge fuck any of you. But why don’t you, if you want, look up Louis Armstrong’s experience with Jews as a boy and Elvis Presley’s experience with Jews as a boy, though Elvis is part Jewish. This will give you an idea what my experience was like, especially with Armstrong.

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