Wounded Syrian Man Gets Hose Inserted in Chest Without Anesthetics

Wounded Syrian Man Gets Hose Inserted in Chest Without Anesthetics

Video from Syria shows a wounded man on an operation table getting a hose inserted into his chest through a hole carved in him by the doctor. He’s conscious and in obvious agony, and the procedure appears to be carried out without the use of anesthetics.

5 thoughts on “Wounded Syrian Man Gets Hose Inserted in Chest Without Anesthetics”

  1. Yeah, that’s brutal without anesthetic, but the doctor/medic saved his life. Guy had a pneumothorax of the right lung. The lung is compressed by a huge amount of air in the chest cavity. You can hear the air come out when the tube is inserted. He’d die without that tube. The lung will slowly reinflate. Minimal medical supplies available. Guy isn’t even wearing oxygen.

    1. If the person is unconscious and it is emergent… But if there’s adequate time to insert the cheat tube and they are concious, a local anesthetic or conscious sedation may be given…but, most of the time it has to be done quick and dirty

    2. Yes. I live in USA and I had this done while awake and without anesthetics, too. They don’t want to put you out if there’s a risk you’ll die, and there’s really no way of anesthetizing the inside of the chest, so you just have to deal with it. Similarly, I had the 3 drain tubes removed awake, without any painkiller or anesthesia, as well. People who have never experienced trauma, major surgery or even severe pain think that a trip to the hospital is a walk in the park with anesthesia… it’s not.

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