Harvest of Shadows – Executions and Beheadings by Jaish Khalid Army

Jaish Khalid Army is an affiliate of ISIS. In this video from Yarmouk near the centre of Damascus in Syria, the mujaheddin execute a group of four people and behead three.

Comando Vermelho Gang Member Beheads Woman with Machete, His Sidekicks Stabs Her in Stomach

Video from Brazil shows a member of Comando Vermelho (Red Command) beheading a fat tits woman. She keeps putting her hands on her throat, so his sidekicks stabs her in the stomach to stop her from interfering with the decapitation.

Support of the Weakest – ISIS Video

Excerpt from video released by ISIS in Wilayat Diyala titled “Support of the Weakest” shows a beheading of a tribal leader who refused to support the Islamic State and the execution of four captured Iraqi soldiers.

Afghan Man Has Arms Chopped Off and Gets Beheaded by ISIS Khorasan

Video from Khorasan, a land on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan which is claimed by ISIS, shows ISIS mujaheddin executing an alleged spy by shopping his arms off and beheading him.