Street Drag Racing in Mexico City Ends in Fatal Crash

Translation from source: Here is the latest video where two young men are killed and one is injured after a strong impact during street racing. The car in which is the camera (Volkswagen Golf) is competing against a Mustang GT and VW Beetle. In the video just before impact, you can see that they were … Continue reading “Street Drag Racing in Mexico City Ends in Fatal Crash”

Wounded Syrian Man Gets Hose Inserted in Chest Without Anesthetics

Video from Syria shows a wounded man on an operation table getting a hose inserted into his chest through a hole carved in him by the doctor. He’s conscious and in obvious agony, and the procedure appears to be carried out without the use of anesthetics.

Brick Smashes Through Taxi Window at Elderly Couple in the UK

An elderly taxi passenger suffered fractured skull after being hit in the face by a brick that was thrown through the window of a taxi cab she was in with her husband. The incident happened in Birmingham, UK. Seven cars were reported damaged with bricks on the same night of May 25, 2016.

Bag with Dead Filipino Baby Found in Manila

In Manila, the Philippines, a baby was found dead inside a tote bag. Mother reportedly gave birth to an unwanted baby because abortion is illegal in the country, after she’d been raped by a drug addict. She was later arrested.

Woman’s Head Crushed by Bus on the Road in Indonesia

Indonesian woman was run over by a bus. Her head was crushed, brain matter spilled on the road. The presence of cell phone suggests she may have been texting while riding the motorcycle.