Video of Manaus Plane Crash Survivor Being Found

Google translate: The Press Office of the Hospital and Emergency Room August 28 confirmed at 13:00 the death of Jefferson Luiz Juarez, 39, the only passenger to be rescued still alive after the fall of the Embraer Model 720 plane, which crashed Wednesday in the area Green zone between the neighborhoods of the Union and … Continue reading “Video of Manaus Plane Crash Survivor Being Found”

Recovery of Jefferson Luiz Juarez from Plane Crash Site in Manaus, Brazil

Jefferson Luiz Juarez was the sole survivor of plane crash in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. The video depicts the rescuers removing him body from the crash site to take it to emergency hospital. However, according to latest news, Jefferson Luiz Juarez succumbed.

Cambodian Man Sets Grandchild on Fire Because He Was Angry with His Daughter

Google translate: Provincial police commissioner, the grandfather-old grandson self-immolation 1 that is not crazy, but drunk (Kampot): The provincial police commissioner Lieutenant General Mao Chandara MAKTHURA Bronze grandfather confirmed that the self-immolation grandchildren just turned 1, he’s not stupid, but he was drunk at the fire house. General Commissioner added that the siege arrested grandfather … Continue reading “Cambodian Man Sets Grandchild on Fire Because He Was Angry with His Daughter”

Man Sets Patient on Fire in Albania Hospital

In the American Hospital in Tirana, Albania, a man identified as Lefter Canaj set on fire patient Dashamir Saraci after dousing him with gasoline. The man had previously argued over a position in line. Two female patients died form asphyxiation, the male who was targeted survived.