Man and Child Electrocuted by Tripped Transmission Pylon in Boracay, Philippines

31 year old man, and 7 year old child were electrocuted when a transmission pylon tripped and the live wires fell on the ground. The incident happened on the island of Boracay, the Philippines.

Fall from Transmission Tower Leads to Electrocution Before Landing on Ground

The video depicts a man falling from a transmission tower and landing on live wires below, where he gets electrocuted before landing on the ground. I don’t know if this was an accident, or suicide.

Brazilian Pro-Dilma Protester Climbs Utility Pole, Gets Electrocuted

Google Translate: Video To have a better view during the speech of the suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff this young man climbed into an electricity pylon. Warnings of bystanders he hit the crossbar. The man was electrocuted and died on way to hospital. The incident happened in the city of Aracaju in the northern state … Continue reading “Brazilian Pro-Dilma Protester Climbs Utility Pole, Gets Electrocuted”