Lesbian Couple Attacked by Female Neighbors in Colombia

“Machorra” is, according to them, one of the qualifiers that they use to attack them. In the most recent event there was physical assault. The confrontation, which was recorded in video, occurred last Sunday in front of the residence of the couple, in Bogota. The aggressors are a mother and daughter who, according to the … Continue reading “Lesbian Couple Attacked by Female Neighbors in Colombia”

Guy with Machete Provokes Fight Against Guy with Stick But Loses After Blow to Head

A fight involving a machete? I once again guess this is Dominican Republic. The video shows a guy with the machete provoke a fight. A guy with a stick eventually takes him on and end up winning after a blow to the head.

Pakistani Meathead Puts His Shit on Bench in Gym, Assaults Guy Who Wants to Use It

CCTV video from Pakistan shows a meathead come to a gym, but put his shit on a bench. Another gym goer wishes to use the bench, but when he approaches the meathead about it, the riod raging lunatic assaults him.

Five on One Beating of Rival Football Team Fan Ends with Savage Stone to Head

CCTV video from Brazil shows a lone football fan being beaten by four fans of a rival football team. After the unfair beating, a fifth rival joins in and ends it with a savage rock to the victim’s head.