Post Election Violence in Honduras

Honduras bet on November 26 to an unprecedented and atypical electoral process. Ten political forces were confronted by the seizure of power, in two well-marked tendencies: an ultraconservative right represented in the National Party and a left center represented by the Opposition Alliance and the Liberal Party. The country comes from an electoral vocation since … Continue reading “Post Election Violence in Honduras”

Brazilian Female Thief Punished by Having Her Hand Shot with Gun

Video from Brazil shows a female thief being punished by having her hand shot at with a gun. This is the first time we see a woman being punished this way, after seeing countless videos of men taking this type of punishment.

CCTV of Machete Assault on Pharmacist in Zefta, Egypt

CCTV video from a pharmacy in Zefta, Egypt shows a group of thugs assault the pharmacist with machetes, and ransack his business. One also sported a shotgun, but it looks like they just wanted to scare him, and not kill him.

Gang Members Punish Man by Cutting His Leg Off in Brazil

Video from Brazil shows a man being punished by gang members by having his leg cut off. The video doesn’t show the cutting off the leg, just the cutting of the pants in order to detach the leg that’s in it form the body so the cutter can show off with it, and smile like … Continue reading “Gang Members Punish Man by Cutting His Leg Off in Brazil”