Better Quality Video of Cop Getting Killed in Dallas, Texas

I’m honestly surprised this type of thing isn’t happening more than it does, given the state of oppression by police in America. I’m just wondering if the shooters will be placed on paid administrative leave until Black Lives Matter finishes conducting an internal investigation, and will be cleared because they acted within policy and feared … Continue reading “Better Quality Video of Cop Getting Killed in Dallas, Texas”

Candidate for Councillor Shot Dead in Front of His Home in Brazil

Former police officer and a candidate for a councillor was shot dead by a pair of gunmen in front of his house in Baixada Fluminense, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. CCTV footage shows the gunmen approach his car and open fire. He tries to escape by way of passenger door but is … Continue reading “Candidate for Councillor Shot Dead in Front of His Home in Brazil”

Terror Attacks in Gulshan Neighborhood of Dhaka, Bangladesh

On July 1st, 2016, seven militants stormed the Holey Artisan Bakery in the Gulshan neighborhood of Dhaka, Bangladesh. They killed a bunch of people, mostly foreigners, took several dozen hostages, and killed two cops in shootouts. It took a special army unit with armored vehicles to eventually end the siege.

Violence Among Immigrants Leaves One Dead in Stockholm, Sweden

In multicultural Sweden, violence among immigrants is a daily occurrence. 35 year old Eritrean from the video below was shot dead by a fellow immigrant. Still, unless you feel culturally enriched by watching this video, you are a racist bigot anti semite women hater.

Police Shoot Suicide Bomber Before He Blows Himself Up at Istanbul Airport

CCTV footage from the airport in Istanbul, Turkey caught the moment when a policeman shot a suicide bomber, who then blew himself up. Istanbul’s Ataturk airport was hit with three suicide bombing attacks on Tuesday June 28, 2016. At least 36 people were killed.

CCTV Video of Ambush on Brazilian Drug Lord Jorge Rafaat

At approximately 18:45 on Wednesday, June 15, 2016, in the Paraguayan city of Pedro Juan Caballero, which is on the Border with Ponta Pora in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, a group of heavily armed men ambushed the vehicle of Brazilian drug lord Jorge Rafaat Toumani. The gunmen attacked the vehicle with anti aircraft gun, … Continue reading “CCTV Video of Ambush on Brazilian Drug Lord Jorge Rafaat”

Thai Man Reacts to Friend Getting Shot While Both Are on Motorcycle

Dashcam camera caught a moment a motorcyclist was apparently shot, and the motorcycle flipped on the side. The passenger reacted to the death of his friend with utter disbelief. It happened in Thailand.

Bag with Dead Filipino Baby Found in Manila

In Manila, the Philippines, a baby was found dead inside a tote bag. Mother reportedly gave birth to an unwanted baby because abortion is illegal in the country, after she’d been raped by a drug addict. She was later arrested.