Brazilian Man Slips from Bridge, Dies with Snapped Neck

Video allegedly from Brazil, though I don’t know where exactly, appears to show a man accidentally slipping from a bridge, but due to a foot caught in the railing, he nosedived, landed on his head and reportedly snapped his neck and drowned.

Guy Backflips from Roof of Apartment Building, His Friends Fail to Catch Him

Guy in undisclosed location attempts to perform a backflip somersault from the roof of an apartment building, but his friends on the ground failed to catch him, which is not something anyone without proper training could have done. He landed hard on the ground.

Rally Show Off Plows Group of Spectators

Video from a rally of sorts shows a sports car driver, not really capable of controlling the powerful vehicle, attempt to show off but ultimately plow through barrier and ram a group of spectators. Not sure where it happened, but at one point it sounded to me like someone was speaking Polish. That would be … Continue reading “Rally Show Off Plows Group of Spectators”