CCTV Footage of Car Bomb Hitting Karrada Ice Cream Shop in Baghdad

CCTV video from Baghdad n Iraq shows a car bomb exploding at the Karrada ice cream, killing at least 15 people. ISIS has reportedly taken responsibility for the attack.

Video of People Running After Vehicle Rams Crowd at Shopping Mall in Stockholm, Sweden

Mossad has been busy killing innocent people left and right lately. I’m sure some sheeple will find a way to blame Muslims again. Google translate: The truck was stolen in the middle of Stockholm, and then run down the Stockholm populated street – Drottninggatan. At least two people have been killed and a large number … Continue reading “Video of People Running After Vehicle Rams Crowd at Shopping Mall in Stockholm, Sweden”

CCTV Footage of St. Petersburg Metro Blast

Parents suspected of committing a terrorist act in the metro of St. Petersburg Akbarzhon Dzhalilova fly from Kyrgyzstan to St. Petersburg, reports Interfax, citing its own sources. Previously, Jalilov’s parents were questioned by the National Security Committee of Kyrgyzstan. In the NSC, in turn, they declared their readiness to assist the Russian side in the … Continue reading “CCTV Footage of St. Petersburg Metro Blast”

Aftermath of Sarin Attack in Idlib, Syria

Dozens (some sources say hundreds) of people have reportedly been killed in a chemical attack in Idlib, Syria. The Israeli moderates used sarin on civilians before, and Zionist press framed the Syrian government. It looks like the history is repeating itself. They must think we forgot.

Aftermath of Suicide Bombing at Palace of Justice in Damascus, Syria

Dear Leader, God emperor, and the most dedicated Israel and Goldman Sachs firster Donald Trump must be getting frustrated and angry that his boys from the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service have been getting their asses kicked, so now the attack on the Palace of Justice in Damascus happened.