Very Light Hand Slap for Female Thief Caught Stealing in Favela

Video from Brazil shows just how cucked the Brazilian manginas are. They caught a thief stealing in the favela, but because the thief was female, she got away with a very light hand slap. A guy would have his hand fucked up beyond repair.

FSA Torture Kidnapped Child to Extort Money from His Wealthy Father

Video from Jeezah area in south Syria, near the Jordanian border, shows the members of All Jewish Army, also called the Free Syrian Army (FSA), although they are not Syrian and they oppose the free Syria, torturing a child they had kidnapped. The child’s father is a wealthy Syria and the kidnappers are asking his … Continue reading “FSA Torture Kidnapped Child to Extort Money from His Wealthy Father”

Ugandan Woman Beats and Abuses Child in Public

Jews commit genocide, cops execute citizens for breathing, sheep thank child rapists for their service, and women abuse and torture children in plain view of other women who don’t even wink when they see their fellow privileged sex getting their rocks off on beating the defenseless. What else is new?

Kenyan Man Teaches Wife Lesson with Cane

Video from Kenya shows a man teaching his wife a lesson with a cane. Not sure what the lesson was for, but you can never go wrong smacking a bitch. Women are responsible for more than 80% of violence against children yet they hardly ever get punished, most sexual abuses against children are committed by … Continue reading “Kenyan Man Teaches Wife Lesson with Cane”