Blood Bath Aftermath in Some Arabic Country

Video from some Arabic country shows the aftermath of something that happened on the road, but I don’t know what exactly it is. There are several men drenched in blood on the pavement. One of them lacks an arm and his white clothes are soaked red. He agonizes by tossing himself back and forth, as … Continue reading “Blood Bath Aftermath in Some Arabic Country”

Man Unhappy with Quality of Bread Shoots Bakery Employee in Arm with Shotgun

The man with surnames Clark Gonzalez and 43, accused of shooting the son of a merchant on Sunday at the Vega Bakery in La Rita de Pococ√≠, Lim√≥n, is on the run and is classified as violent. This was pointed out by Walter Espinoza, director of the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ), who explained that the … Continue reading “Man Unhappy with Quality of Bread Shoots Bakery Employee in Arm with Shotgun”

Aftermath of Train Accident in Jehanabad, India – Hand Cut Off and Mangled

Video from Jehanabad in Bihar, India shows the aftermath of a train accident in which a man had his arm amputated and mangled: The guy who put the arm on the beat up man must have thought: “Hey, here’s your helplessly mangled arm. Keep that mess to yourself…“

Haitian Tells Gardener He’s Fucking His Wife, Gets Chopped in Arm with Machete

A Haitian who takes the woman to another Haitian gardener says this: I’m fucking your wife and I’m going to fuck your mom and you too pigeon! The gardener reacted violently and almost killed him with machetes. Google translate ^^