Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident – Young Girl on Bicycle Dies Mangled on Road

Video from undisclosed location shows a young girl who was apparently struck and run over while riding a bicycle on the road. Her corpse looks mangled, head displaced and innards spilled out.

Bicyclist Hit by Driver on Purpose in Williamson County, Tennessee

At 11am on July 8, 2017, 58 year old Marshall Grant Neely III, who’s the Dean of Students at University School of Nashville, deliberately hit a cyclist on Natchez Trace Parkway. The incident was caught on a GoPro camera, leading to various charges: reckless endangerment, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to immediately notify … Continue reading “Bicyclist Hit by Driver on Purpose in Williamson County, Tennessee”

Cyclist Rammed by Female Driver Because He Told Her to Stop Using Phone While Driving

Female driver was endangering traffic by texting while driving, and was asked by a cyclist to quit texting. She responded by deliberately ramming the cyclist, causing him multiple fractures. This happened in London, UK.

Youth Mangled – Aftermath of Fatal Accident in West Bengal, India

Video from Dadpur Road in West Bengal, India shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident in which a girl was completely mangled. A woman, presumably her mother, cries over her remains. The two reportedly rode a bicycle when they were struck by a truck (rhyme unintended).