Accidental Headshot at Houston Gas Station Streamed Live on Facebook

A guy named Devyn Holmes was accidentally shot in the head while in a vehicle at a gas station near Southmore Blvd and Almeda Road in Houston, Texas. He is on life support. A woman who was in the car with him shot him, because that’s what happens if you allow a female to hold … Continue reading “Accidental Headshot at Houston Gas Station Streamed Live on Facebook”

Man Struggles to Stay Alive As His Intestines Spill Out After Stabbing

Video from Brazil shows a fight of sorts on a street that leads to one man being stabbed to a point of his guts spilling out. Some other men interfere and stop the stabber, but the victim is already down with guts out and a lot of blood spilled on the road.

Public Execution of Alleged Pedophile in Middle East

Video from undisclosed location in the Middle East shows the public execution of an alleged pedophile by shooting him multiple times in the back, while laying face down on the road. His bloody corpse is then suspended with a crane.

Blood Bath Aftermath in Some Arabic Country

Video from some Arabic country shows the aftermath of something that happened on the road, but I don’t know what exactly it is. There are several men drenched in blood on the pavement. One of them lacks an arm and his white clothes are soaked red. He agonizes by tossing himself back and forth, as … Continue reading “Blood Bath Aftermath in Some Arabic Country”