ISIS Video from Mosul in Iraq – Deterring the Hired 2

ISIS has released a video from Mosul, Iraq titled “Deterring the Hired 2“. It depicts three sets of executions. Two are of alleged graffiti artists, and the last one is of alleged spies.

Captured Iraqi Soldier Taken Out to Ravine and Executed with Shotgun by ISIS

Excerpt from a video titled “The Land of Epic Battles 2” released by ISIS in Wilayat Diyala, Iraq shows a Captured Iraqi soldier being taken out to a ravine and executed with a shotgun blast to the head.

Multiple People Executed by ISIS in Yemen Using Variety of Methods

Excerpt from a video released by ISIS in Yemen shows multiple people executed by a variety of methods, including beheading, being shot with a rocket, being blown up on a boat, and having bombs set off around their necks.

Turkish Military Truck Blown Up by Kurdish Militants

Video released by the pro Kurdish media shows a Turkish military truck stop on the way up a mountain pass to search for possible IEDs. Soldier scanning the road determines it’s safe to go, so the driver proceeds, only to be blown up. In response, areas around ┼×emdinli have been declared “special security zones”.