Amaq Video Showing Children Killed and Wounded by Coalition Bombing of Raqqa, Syria

Video released by ISIS affiliated Amaq Agency shows children allegedly killed and wounded by the coalition airstrikes on the city of Raqqa in Syria.

Aftermath of Suicide Bombing in Karrada, Baghdad, Iraq

ISIL car bomb hit an ice cream shop in Karrada district of Baghdad, Iraq, killing at least 15 people and wounding 30 after the Iraqis broke their fast on Ramadan.

CCTV Footage of Car Bomb Hitting Karrada Ice Cream Shop in Baghdad

CCTV video from Baghdad n Iraq shows a car bomb exploding at the Karrada ice cream, killing at least 15 people. ISIS has reportedly taken responsibility for the attack.

Some Jew Pretending to Be Muslim Posts Video About Manchester Attack

This video appeared on the internet just hours after the alleged attack in Manchester Arena. It shows an apparent Jew dressed up as Muslim praising the bombing and threatening more attacks.

MOAB Attack on Afghanistan Ordered by Dear Leader to Regain Control of Opium Trade

Dear Leader ordered the bombing of a tunnel built by the CIA in Afghanistan with a Mother of All Bombs. This happened in Achin District, which according to wikipedia is the largest poppy producing area in the region.