Aftermath of Legs Shredding Motorcycle Accident in Bilimora City, India

Video from Bilimora City in Gujarat, India shows the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a motorcycle. Two young men from the bike are shown on the road with legs severely injured.

Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident Involving Bus in Bhopal, India

Video from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, India shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident in which two men were struck down by a bus. One is injured with a broken leg, the other one crushed to death.

Aftermath of Fatal Road Accident – Man Dies Beheaded and with Mangled Leg

Video from undisclosed location (Brazil?) shows the aftermath of a fatal road accident in which a man lost his head and got his leg mangled. No backinfo otherwise.

Motorcyclist Collides with Train in Indonesia, Loses Leg

Has been an accident between motorcyclists by train at railway crossing in Kebayoran old area of south jakarta Skitar At 10 30 WIB 17 August 2017. The victim was taken to the nearest hospital. This is the appearance of a hit motorcycle railway along with his victim. Google translate ^^