Santa’s Reindeer Take Easy Way Out as Christmas Time is Almost Here

Sunday 10th December – A herd of deer leaped to their deaths from a highway bridge in Iowa, leaving horrified drivers in shock after watching the “panicked” animals perish. Catherine Veerhusen and her husband spotted the herd — a buck and three does — while driving along the Cedar Rapids bridge Sunday. The couple then … Continue reading “Santa’s Reindeer Take Easy Way Out as Christmas Time is Almost Here”

Bike Thief Receives Surprise When He Thinks He Got Away

Dashcam video apparently from Brazil shows an armed thief robbing a motorcyclist off his bike. The motorcyclist completely surrenders the bike to the thief without resistance, and walks away with his hands raised, but just as the thief thinks he got away with easy loot, the biker pulls out the surprise from behind his belt … Continue reading “Bike Thief Receives Surprise When He Thinks He Got Away”

News Report on Fatal Crash in Tatarstan with Aftermath Footage

This news report from Russia covers the fatal accident involving an elderly Lada driver who got sandwiched to death along with his passenger between two trucks in the city of Zainsk, Tatarstan. The reports contains some aftermath footage.

80 Year Old Driver of Lada and Passenger Die Crushed Between Two Trucks in Russia

Dashcam video from Tatarstan in Russia shows a fatal accident at an intersection. An 80 years old driver of Lada and his passenger died crushed between two trucks. Both truck drivers are in critical condition.

North Carolina Female Driver Darts Out of Vehicle Before Train Slams Into It

At Pendleton Road and Martin Luther King Drive in High Point, North Carolina, a female driver got trapped between the boom gates of a railway crossing and unable to figure out what to do with her feminine brain, she exited the vehicle and darted out, allowing the train to slam into it.

Russian Taxi Driver Saved from False Rape Accusation by Dashcam

Video apparently from Russia shows a woman board a taxi cab and proceed to falsely accuse the driver of rape. The driver’s ass was saved by the webcam. Unfortunately, female privilege and gynocentrism allow women to falsely accuse men without repercussions, so unless the man has evidence to save his ass, he’s screwed. AWALT!