Topless Russian Skank Sticks Head Out Car Window, Dies Hitting Road Sign

Nasty Russian post-wall skank with fake tits was trying to show off while in Dominican Republic with her Ukrainian skank friend stuck her head out a moving car while topless. Except, she stuck those fake tits out too much and her noggin hit a road sign. Bitch died the following day in hospital.

Guy with Machete Provokes Fight Against Guy with Stick But Loses After Blow to Head

A fight involving a machete? I once again guess this is Dominican Republic. The video shows a guy with the machete provoke a fight. A guy with a stick eventually takes him on and end up winning after a blow to the head.

Machete Attack Victim Dies with Head Hanging Off Curb

I don’t know for sure where this video is from, but my guess is Republica Dominicana. It shows the aftermath of a machete attack that left a man dead on the sidewalk with his head dangling off the curb.

Haitian Tells Gardener He’s Fucking His Wife, Gets Chopped in Arm with Machete

A Haitian who takes the woman to another Haitian gardener says this: I’m fucking your wife and I’m going to fuck your mom and you too pigeon! The gardener reacted violently and almost killed him with machetes. Google translate ^^

Aftermath of Fatal Motorcycle Accident in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic

Being 11:30 on 23/4/17 a call reporting a strong accident on the street jose rojas of the pleasure sector, the A03 immediately went to the place to find. Two men killed and one injured was the result of a traffic accident that occurred near noon on Sunday in Jose Rojas Street in the Placer Bonito … Continue reading “Aftermath of Fatal Motorcycle Accident in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic”