Compilation of Assassinations and Executions by ISIS in Sinai, Egypt

Video released by ISIS in Sinai, Egypt is a compilation of mujaheddin assassinating and executing multiple targets, primarily Egyptian army soldiers and policemen.

CCTV of Machete Assault on Pharmacist in Zefta, Egypt

CCTV video from a pharmacy in Zefta, Egypt shows a group of thugs assault the pharmacist with machetes, and ransack his business. One also sported a shotgun, but it looks like they just wanted to scare him, and not kill him.

Female Child Kidnapper Tied to Post in Egypt

Video from Egypt shows a mob tied a woman to a post. The woman was reportedly involved in kidnapping and trafficking of children. Pussy pass is strong in Egypt. Males get hanged upside down and lynched to death for stealing a cell phone in Egypt. You can even see a white knight stop a guy … Continue reading “Female Child Kidnapper Tied to Post in Egypt”