Public Execution of Alleged Pedophile in Middle East

Video from undisclosed location in the Middle East shows the public execution of an alleged pedophile by shooting him multiple times in the back, while laying face down on the road. His bloody corpse is then suspended with a crane.

Harvest of Shadows – Executions and Beheadings by Jaish Khalid Army

Jaish Khalid Army is an affiliate of ISIS. In this video from Yarmouk near the centre of Damascus in Syria, the mujaheddin execute a group of four people and behead three.

Compilation of Assassinations and Executions by ISIS in Sinai, Egypt

Video released by ISIS in Sinai, Egypt is a compilation of mujaheddin assassinating and executing multiple targets, primarily Egyptian army soldiers and policemen.

Support of the Weakest – ISIS Video

Excerpt from video released by ISIS in Wilayat Diyala titled “Support of the Weakest” shows a beheading of a tribal leader who refused to support the Islamic State and the execution of four captured Iraqi soldiers.