Aftermath of Explosion at Firecracker Factory in Kosambi, Tangerang, Indonesia

Video from Kosambi in Tangerang, Indonesia shows the aftermath of an explosion at a firecracker factory. The people in the video are the injured. The workers who were nearer the explosion burned to death.

Fiery Crash in Cache County, Utah That Lead to Cops Assaulting Nurse

During a police chase in Cache County, Utah, 26 year old Marcos Torres of Brigham City swerved into oncoming lane and crashed head on with a semi truck, causing a fire explosion that lead to the truck driver being taken to a hospital where a cop assaulted a nurse because she followed the law, instead … Continue reading “Fiery Crash in Cache County, Utah That Lead to Cops Assaulting Nurse”

Aftermath of Fatal Boiler Explosion in Brazil

A major explosion was heard in several of the city’s neighborhoods around 1 pm Monday in Bacabal. A boiler from a tire vulcanizer “Union Vulcanizer” exploded destroying virtually every building, killing two employees. The Union Vulcanizer works on the BR-316 highway, KM-361, in the Bacabal Industrial District, behind the Ração factory. The two officials had … Continue reading “Aftermath of Fatal Boiler Explosion in Brazil”