Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident – Young Girl on Bicycle Dies Mangled on Road

Video from undisclosed location shows a young girl who was apparently struck and run over while riding a bicycle on the road. Her corpse looks mangled, head displaced and innards spilled out.

Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Savar, Bangladesh – Man Brutally Mangled

Video from Savar in the Division of Dhaka, Bangladesh shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident in which a man was left mangled on the road.

Decapitated, Mutilated, Cut Up and Head Stuffed Inside Gutted Torso

Video from Brazil shows the remains of a man who was tortured, decapitated, sexually mutilated, cut up, and had his severed head stuffed inside gutted torso. The video appears to be the aftermath of the brutal murder committed by a woman in Alagoas.