Aftermath of Fatal Traffic Accident – Man Dies with Head Crushed

Video apparently from Indonesia shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident, in which a man died with his head crushed, which in turn caused his mouth to stay gaping open.

Woman Talks While Men Pick Up Brain Matter of Traffic Accident Victim

Video from Indonesia shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident in which the victim had his head run over and crushed by a vehicle. As men pick up the brain matter and skull fragments, a woman talks.

Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Muara Fajar, Indonesia

Muara Fajar is one of the villages in Rumbai District, Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia. The accident involved a Toyota Innova. Google translate: Innova car parallel to truck, innova precedes truck car at speeds of more or less 90km / hr And bowed with the bus in front of the same speed Innova was slammed stir to … Continue reading “Aftermath of Fatal Accident in Muara Fajar, Indonesia”

Hard Impact as Car Cuts Off Motorcyclist – Policeman and Ambulance Already at Scene

CCTV video apparently from Indonesia shows the moment a car cut off a speeding motorcyclist, causing a hard collision. But just as the impact happened, an ambulance was passing by the same intersection, and a policeman was in the corner shop. Great timing.

Commuter Decapitated and Partially Mangled by Train in Sidoarjo Regency, Indonesia

Video from Sidoarjo Regency in East Java, Indonesia shows the remains of a commuter who was decapitated and partially mangled by a train. I can’t tell from the video if the commuter was a man or a woman.

Cameraman Sings Allahu Akbar While Filming Man with Head Destroyed

Video filmed by a man who randomly sings in a tune of Allahu Akbar shows a uniformed man on the road with head destroyed. I suspect the vid could be from Indonesia.

Aftermath of Explosion at Firecracker Factory in Kosambi, Tangerang, Indonesia

Video from Kosambi in Tangerang, Indonesia shows the aftermath of an explosion at a firecracker factory. The people in the video are the injured. The workers who were nearer the explosion burned to death.