FSA Torture Kidnapped Child to Extort Money from His Wealthy Father

Video from Jeezah area in south Syria, near the Jordanian border, shows the members of All Jewish Army, also called the Free Syrian Army (FSA), although they are not Syrian and they oppose the free Syria, torturing a child they had kidnapped. The child’s father is a wealthy Syria and the kidnappers are asking his … Continue reading “FSA Torture Kidnapped Child to Extort Money from His Wealthy Father”

Female Child Kidnapper Tied to Post in Egypt

Video from Egypt shows a mob tied a woman to a post. The woman was reportedly involved in kidnapping and trafficking of children. Pussy pass is strong in Egypt. Males get hanged upside down and lynched to death for stealing a cell phone in Egypt. You can even see a white knight stop a guy … Continue reading “Female Child Kidnapper Tied to Post in Egypt”

Prison Guard Held Hostage by Inmates in Alcaçuz Prison

During today’s deadly riot in Alcaçuz prison in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, a guard was taken hostage and is shown in the video tied up, as inmates demand that the police not intervene, and ask for fix the horrific conditions in Brazilian prisons.

Thugs Surround Family Car, Kidnap Father, Leave Son on Street

Google translate: A security camera caught the moment that thugs surrounded the family car at the door of the house, kidnapped a man and left his abandoned son on the street, who was desperate and tried to run behind the car. This happened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.