Vicious Meat Cleaver Hack Job on Street in Guangdong, China

This scene occurred at about 5 pm yesterday, in Guangzhou Baiyun District Longguo subway station near the export of B1. Guangzhou police in yesterday evening notice, in the Longgui subway station exports, the occurrence of a single knife wounding incident. Video can see a man, hand chopper constantly cut to the next woman, until the … Continue reading “Vicious Meat Cleaver Hack Job on Street in Guangdong, China”

Haitian Tells Gardener He’s Fucking His Wife, Gets Chopped in Arm with Machete

A Haitian who takes the woman to another Haitian gardener says this: I’m fucking your wife and I’m going to fuck your mom and you too pigeon! The gardener reacted violently and almost killed him with machetes. Google translate ^^